Some needed improvements (that are not just raging against 2.2’s fundamental systems)

stellaris 4 - Some needed improvements (that are not just raging against 2.2's fundamental systems)

In no particular order:

  • We need to be able to conduct mop-up wars more efficiently. Guys, I just tried a subjugation war against an opponent who was pathetic to me in every sub-power-stat. He wouldn't surrender when I occupied 100% of his systems, and spent most of the war with a negative modifier to accepting my demands based on fleet strength. So that's just a bug, but even if it weren't, some part of every game is going to be dealing with empires that are now much less powerful than you. Please let us do this without spending decades building influence in order to conquer or building colossi we don't need for a total war CB or whatever. This is not the fun part of the game.

  • Gene/robo modding is much less interesting now than it was. We should be looking for ways to make it interesting and rewarding to muck around with species that don't conflict with the new job system. Maybe traits should be less about "gets a bonus to producing this particular resource" and more about "gets a production bonus (to all resources) in this condition," where this condition is "at least X other members of this species on the planet," or "when amenities are above Y," or "on planet type Z," or "during war" or something. Or maybe it's that they produce small amounts of bonus science/minerals/energy/whatever no matter what job they're on. I don't know, that's not necessarily the greatest idea, but I think it shouldn't be just "help us assign the right pop to the right job," which is fundamentally a drag.

  • It feels like people don't care about terraforming anymore except to special planet classes. I think we should make the penalty for colonizing a "bad" (sub-60% or so) planet strong enough that it's broadly not worthwhile even as a feeder for your existing planets, and thus bring back the desire to terraform planets from say Desert to Ocean or whatever. This may also require lowering the cost/time to terraform.

  • Maybe there should just be a "patrol my trade lanes" command for military ships similar to the automated exploration of science ships that tells them to in a fully automated way move across your trade lanes and keep piracy down.

  • I need a little more help handling planet micro. We've gotta find a way to show a useful icon that says, "Okay, now you actually should go to this planet and make some decisions." It's not the "you can build buildings" icon, because lots of resource-extraction planets will leave building slots unfilled. It's only kind of the unemployment icon, because in the late game with a decently wide empire, you're not going to want to resettle every unemployed pop instantly, that's too much micro. So maybe it's a low stability or low amenities icon, or maybe it's a "you have 3+ pops unemployed" icon, or something like that, Just something that lets you know when you aren't just tolerating a little inefficiency, but it's getting to be serious.

  • Speaking of which, can we just sort unemployed pops to the top of the resettlement list? Pretty please?

  • Is resettlement ever not mandatory in 2.2? Should we remove "no resettlement" from the policy list?

  • Job priority should actually be about priority, not just straight up crossing some jobs off the list. You should be able to say, "fill these jobs first, then these jobs, then these jobs." As well as the existing "never fill these jobs." And the jobs summary number should break out disabled jobs as a subsidiary number or something, so you can see, the difference between "this planet as 23 jobs" and "this planet has 18 jobs plus 5 useless jobs that you don't want filled."

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