Some notes on Megacorp from playing the press release

stellaris 4 - Some notes on Megacorp from playing the press release

Hey i just finished my third prerelease stream of Megacorp. I streamed for about ~24 hours total. About 16 of those were with a Criminal Megacorp, and the last 8 were with Communistic Snails. Also i was playing on Commodore difficulty, pretty high.

First of all i gotta say, i love the update. Managing your empire has become a lot more interesting. Trade, the market and the new resources make your space a whole lot more interesting to.

Anyway, some notes/tips:

Playing tall is now not only possible, it is what you will probably end up playing. The admin cap is tiny, and especially as a megacorp you really shouldn't go to wide. Try focus on maybe 3 big planets. What eats a lot of admin cap is districts so try to keep em low and specialized. If you grow to big and want to reduce your admin cap a bit try to release sectors as vassals/subsidiaries.

Playing wide is actually pretty tough because of this. Try and get as much admin cap as you can, but don't worry if you go over, as it only mostly makes leaders and techs/unity more expensive but your rate of expanding should pay for that. Again, districts are a big eater of the cap so build as few of them as possible. Buildings don't take admin cap i think, so try to fix a planets problems with those. Building Houses and Commercial zones will fix most problems with amenities, houses and jobs. Level 1 commercial zones give like 5 jobs compared to the 2 jobs most other buildings give, and boost your trade, getting you more money. The wider you go, the further the trade route, with more planets with merchants, the more cash you make, but also, the more piracy goes up.

Piracy is no longer a early problem, it's a midgame problem, getting worse the longer your trade route gets, and especially near your capitol. In the beginning a single corvette can keep the piracy down with a patrol route, and later on you can add more, but at a certain point your patrol fleets fly to fast through a system to keep the piracy down. This is when i started building specialized hangar-only starbases to deal with the problem. A starbase with 6 hangars will fix a lot of piracy in the 6 systems around it.

Combat itself hasn't changed much, but thats not what this DLC is about. The logistics of building your fleet has changed though. Alloys are king. Try and get a specialised mining planet, build those alloy factories and consumer good factories on that, so they can be boosted with a production capitol building later. You also need minerals for normal buildings though so don't build to much alloy factories at once. You need to find a balance in getting minerals, making alloys and also enough consumer goods. Also pray it doesn't take 14 hours for you to roll the consumer goods factory upgrade like i did in my first DuckCorp game >_<

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The Galactic market also really helps, i love it. I use it to buy tons of alloys and other resources i need. Are you making a ton of food, close to hitting the cap? No worries, sell all that food and use it to buy alloys. Watch your caps though. I wasted thousands of energy credits by selling food while my EC were at cap >_<.

Building Resource storage felt like a waste before but it's not now. You will actually need them to build mid and lategame stuff, and if you have some fun with the CaravaneerZ you will also need the extra storage.

Anyway, with also said there also are some bugbears:

Performance mid to lategame has gone down a lot, especially in large galaxies. I recommend you roll a medium galaxy to start with. I stopped my first game which was 16 hours in because it got pretty slow.

Also, the CaravaneerZ have some bugs that can be either incredibly frustrating or far to helpful.

In my first game, i had a issue with the Caravaneers spamming me to death asking me to buy their crappy thing that i didnt wanted, about once every minute, it was incredibly frustrating, they never stopped. What happened was that they kept entering my empire, give me the message asking to sell their crap, then they got scared by some aliens, left my empire, entered my empire again, give the message, get scared, leave, ETC ETC. Like once per minute. The aliens were the tree of life protectors which had parked themselves at the edge of my empire within my borders, and i wasn't strong to beat them yet either. When i finally did, the messages stopped though.

In my 2nd game, they were far to helpful. I claimed a system had a 1 system gap away from raiders. Caravaneers kept entering my country and going to the raiders, getting scared, going back to my empire and it gave me the quest where they leave one of their ships that you can then choose to check with a construction ship, this will give you 99% of a engineering tech every single time it seems. In my 2nd game, in the last 4 hours of the stream i must have gotten at least 20 basically free engineering techs. Thats a bit overpowered. Also to note that it said i got some technology, but the tech that actually showed up 99% researched in engineering was a completely different. This is obviously a bug, but this time it worked out for me.

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Those were the major bugbears that i had. I'm glad to say that in the 24 hours that i streamed i had 0 crashes, game ran stable. Just pretty slow in the big galaxy, but pretty fine in the medium one.

Also, i gotta say these are all experiences from the press build. The bugs that i found might not be in the version that you all get to play later today. Also at least the CaravaneerZ bugs that i found i feel like they could be patched out fast, with most of the issues stemming from them messaging you every single time they enter your empire.

Ok i'm going to get some sleep. Have fun with megacorp later today!

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