Some suggestions for adding flavor and variety to end-game crises and megastructures

stellaris 4 - Some suggestions for adding flavor and variety to end-game crises and megastructures

Crisis Stoppers Weapons or decisions that you use against and only against major crises if they have conquered a large portion of the galaxy and are basically rampaging unopposed or you have taken the Defenders of the Galaxy ascension perk:

  • Coalitions: emergency federations formed between different empires against major crises. They are not founded along ideological lines for the most part, and are formed out of empires that are fighting a losing battle against the crisis. You can only join if you have lost a certain percentage of your fleet power to the crisis. Empires within the coalition share technology with each other, and all gain a 'frantic desperation' buff, giving them moderately better resource collection, build speed, ship and station defense, and unity.

  • Purge stations: Basically mobile megastructures that can annihilate anything organic in a certain area of the galaxy. Completely kills any organic within its range (about half the range of a jump drive). Can only be used once, extremely slow, costs an absurd amount of resources, and organic fleets caught within it are automatically destroyed. For use specifically against an out-of-control Prethoryn. Using it causes all empires in the galaxy to become hostile towards you, cancelling all treaties and kicking you out of coalitions and federations.

  • Supernova inducer: basically just to slow down the crisis without having to waste fleets. Space station that allows you to make a star go supernova, destroying all ships within the system and making all planets uninhabitable. About as expensive as a sensor array, but potentially faster to build than a fleet. When the system’s space station is destroyed, it triggers, regardless of if your ships are still fighting. Obviously single use.

  • Fortress World: megastructure built on a habitable but uncolonized planet. Functions like a space station, covered in ground-to-space weapons and planetary shield generators, with many military stations in orbit. Can take on several crisis fleets at a time, and has a health bar like a contingency AI world or a prethoryn swarm world. An enemy fleet must first take down its most threatening weapons, which would function as though they were attacking a space station, then they must bombard it into submission. While bombarding the planet, hostile fleets take heavy attritional losses from smaller weapons on the planet’s surface that are still in working order. When they have finished bombarding it to pieces, the planet becomes an uninhabited tomb world.

These are just some ideas I had, what do you guys think?


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