Some thoughts on the various Machine Empire Civis in 2.2

stellaris 1 - Some thoughts on the various Machine Empire Civis in 2.2

It's pretty clear that MEs aren't what they used to be, but how do the various special ME civis fair? Here are my thoughts after having tried them in 2.1

RS are the worst haha. You get all the disadvantages of a bio race such as food, consumer goods, habitability etc but almost none of the benefits. Sure you have Unity but no bellies are fed by good feelings. There are some small advantages though. You can completely eliminate the use of redundant Coordinator jobs and Happy BTs on that planet also provided some stability bonus for a small boost. You also unlock building slots faster but you won't have the Robots to work them so it's a mixed blessing. In 2.1 the Servitor Morale was a powerful but annoying to micro mechanic that lead to RS only being slightly behind others in economy for a massive Unity boost, a good tradeoff. In 2.2 you get a massive Unity boost but an Ungodly upkeep cost for the BTs. You should probably enact pop controls sooner rather than later, but if you don't use BTs then why take the civic at all?


Next are normal MEs, people have already made extensive analysis on their new 2.2 problems so I won't go over them again. The short of it is slow growth, massive energy costs, a need for constant expansion, etc. You need pops to grow but then need resources to support them but to get resources you need pops.

DE are still strong actually. Turns out having a Total War CB makes a lot of things a lot simpler hahaha. Now are they stronger than other genocidal species? That's up for debate. Being able to have diplomacy with other Machine races is a decent advantage, but that's very RNG dependent.

Now the strongest by far in my opinion are the DA. Growth is King and with Cyborgs you pretty much double your pop growth. Also Cyborgs are BETTER than normal bio pops but you don't need Consumer goods! It's like the opposite of RS, all the benefits but only half the problems. Plus the assimilation CB is pretty good too. DA have always been strong and 2.2 doesn't change that. In some ways they might be stronger because fast g rowth lets you unlock buildings quickly and unlike RS they'll have the pops to work them.

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