Space Germany (World War II) Roadmap to End-War

stellaris 4 - Space Germany (World War II) Roadmap to End-War


Turtle – My focus will be on fortifying my empire and not focus on fleets until Battleships are researched.

Tall – Blobbing will be limited by administrative capacity.

Blitzkrieg – After everything comes together, declare war on the entire galaxy.



  • Supremacy – The Extra 2 starbases, and increased starbase damage will contribute greatly to the turtle strategy.
  • Expansion – Administrative cap will allow extra blobbing, the starbase upkeep will greatly reduce economic stress with so many starbases, and the other boons will allow me to have a very dense tall empire for greater alloy production and manpower, soldiers for occupations.
  • Prosperity – The stress of directing all efforts towards military stockpile will be eased by this, of course.
  • Harmony – Ensuring National cohesion, class collaboration (Fascism) (Kinship), will mean I do not have to worry about people losing faith in the government during the galactic war.

The next traditions can be done in whatever order. These were the most important. The perks I will be choosing(not in order) are:

  • Eternal Vigilance. With this perk, I can turtle and not have to worry about invaders. They will be slaughtered by my fortresses. This means I do not have to worry about how long it will take to reach End-War.
  • Grasp the void. With this perk I can have +5 more starbases to even further fortify my empire.
  • Technological Ascendancy. With this perk I will ensure technological dominance, making my capabilities for the End-War more powerful than the xenos.
  • Voidborne. With this perk I can have a large population for much needed alloy production and manpower for the End-War.
  • Engineered Evolution. With this perk I will access genetic super-soldiers and create a super-race of hard workers who will be able to contribute even more to the day of the End-War.
  • Evolutionary Mastery. With this perk I will finish the creation of the master-race.
  • Colossus Project. Neutron Sweep will ensure the elimination of all xenos while leaving their former territories open for immediate colonization.
  • Galactic Wonders. A must-have when building tall, and not blobbing much.




The economy will be directed entirely towards the production of military components. Tons of foundries, mining worlds, and synthetic production.

Consumer Goods and Food will have to be bought and stockpiled, and will hopefully last the duration of the End-War until it's inevitable conclusion in our favor, and final victory.



To simulate a Space Germany World War II scenario.

  • Xenophobe
  • Militarist
  • Authoritarian


  • Police State
  • Nationalistic Zeal



  • 150k Alloys Stockpile
  • 100k Energy Stockpile
  • 100k Consumer Goods Stockpile
  • 50k Minerals Stockpile
  • 30k Food Stockpile
  • All Perks achieved
  • Technological level has reached only repeatables
  • Dyson Sphere
  • Ringworld Capital
  • Total ground-army Strength of 1 Million
  • Scaled Fleet Power compared to Galaxy

After these objectives have been met, the End-War may be declared.


This post is clearly not a glorification of Nazi Germany.

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