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Hello there, I'm a huge fan of inventing backstorys to my custom empires. Ever since Gulli introduced the "Fallen Empire Lost Colony" Civic in his latest update I thought about a fitting backstory for one of my favorite Empires. This is my take on my Authoritarian-Militarist-Spirtiualist Empire called the Sanctum of Lys.

Til'Lyseni Race Biography:

The Lyseni were once a primitive Avian Species who inhabited a Tropical World inside the habitable zone of the Lys-System.

Shortly after they discovered advanced farming techniques and the advantages of settlements the Lyseni were invaded by a, now fallen, highly advanced precursor empire.

The Lyseni were captured and biologically modified to better fit into the Invaders society. This process spanned over a hundred years in which the whole Lysenian Race laid dormant in stasis-chambers all over the planet, which was named Athazyal by it's new rulers.

During the time when the Lyseni were busy being uplifted, their overlords weren't slouching either. They terraformed Athazyal into a Gaia World and built the infrastructure necessary to colonize their newly acquired paradise. But due to mysterious reasons the colonization of Athazyal never happened and the rest of the invasionforce left the planet for good shortly before the Lyseni were scheduled to awake from their long slumber.

When said day arrived the, highly intelligent albeit still primitive, Avians awoke in a paradise, which they would put to good use in their future evolution.

The first 1000 Years were ridden with powerstruggles between the five major houses, which formed shortly after the awakening (Lead by individuals whose biological modifications were the most successful), mainly for control of the non-urbanized sections of the planet because the colony sites of the precursors were believed to be the seats of the gods.

This faith rooted in the discovery of temples dedicated to five celestial beings described as "The Great Devourer" (The Eater of Worlds), "The Omniscient" (The Whisperers in the Void), "The Teller of Tales" (The Instrument of Desire), "The Manipulator" (The Composer of Strands) and "The Reckoning" (The End of Cycle) dubbed "The Untold", "The Percipient", "The Benefactress", "The Undaunted" and "The Mayhem" by Lysenian theologians.

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In the year 1200 A.A (After Awakening) the Archons of the five houses, tired of their constant fighting and under pressure of the clerus, chose to elect one of their own as Celestial Archon to rule over the entirety of the Lysenian people. Since that day the united state was known as the Sanctum of Lys

After that the Lyseni "conquered" the "Seat of the Gods" in an attempt to pave the way to the holy temples of the Gods. What they found inside the former colony compound surprised them, living space for the entire Lyseni society!

The Celestial Archons ordered every citizen to move to the newly acquired El Dorado which lead to a scientific renessaince after the language of the precursors was deciphered and their vast Datavault was discovered.

After learning what they did to them the Lyseni added the prefix "Til" to their Name, which means Enlightened, and were henceforth known as the Til'Lyseni.

In the next 1000 Years the Sanctum of Lys blossomed under a united government and faith.

Now we write the year 2200 A.A. and the Til'Lyseni are finally ready to reach for the Stars and their divine heritage.

Justice System:

Justice is kept up by the Holy Tribunal which was made up out of one Ambassador of each major institution (The Clerus, The Military, The Guild of Librarians). There are no prisons in the Til'Lysenian Justice System, the sentences vary from simple fines up to different degrees of slavery, a practic which leads to self cleansing and absolution according to the Doctrine of the Gods.

As you can see I tried to mix the Old God's eventchain with the Shroud entities based on the jobsystem of the Holy Guardian Fallen Empires. Let me know what you think👐🏻 Suggestions are welcome!

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