Starting civic idea: Extragalactic Civilization

stellaris 2 - Starting civic idea: Extragalactic Civilization

I don't know if this has been discussed here already, but here's my quick draw-up of a new, interesting beginning civic: you start off as every other normal empire. As you expand, though, you find out you're limited to the L-cluster – there could be an additional L-cluster for this, even – and the only way to connect to the rest of the galaxy is through its Terminal Egress gateway. Now, this gateway in specific would be locked behind an earlier special project and/or tech, thus allowing the game to progress as normal from that point on.

Why is your civilization the exception among all others, then? There could be plenty of reasons:

  • My personal favorite – your people once a massive galactic superpower, stretching across the galaxy from which your home planet is now secluded. A disastrous conflict with another empire, however, culminated in the ultimate humiliation: exile and severe technological regression, akin to what the Forerunners did to pre-Halo firing mankind in the Halo series. This foe could, for example, be an existing fallen Empire – who is less than excited to see you return to the galactic stage.
  • Your people are the remnants of an ancient servitor grid – either the machines or their pampered subjects – who were left in this extragalactic backwater as a last resort measure against a Contingency-level threat;
  • Your people were really just unlucky.

I'd love to see what other ideas you have concerning this concept.


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