Stellaris badly need more random Colonizaton Events

stellaris 5 - Stellaris badly need more random Colonizaton Events

Think about it.

Stellaris is about space, not just exploration but also about creating colonies on alien worlds.

Alien worlds.

That's radically different from just creating a human settlement colony somewhere else on the planet Earth, like in Civ 1-6.

All sorts of space operating shit can happen. Space operatic shit that is potentially interesting, flavourful, colorful, evocative, and which can help remind you what kind of polity (Ethos, Civics, even Authority someties, or general type like Machine or Hive Mind) you're actually playing as.

Stellaris has a bunch more Anomalies, compared to back when 1.0.3 came out, and a lot of things you can do (Megastructures, Federations, Ascension Paths, etc), but I still think it'd benefit hugely from having a large number of random-weighted Early Colony happenings added, most of them limited to – or or in some case highly weighted for – particular empire types.

We've got the POPs self-modifying if they live in an inhospitable biome, but that's pretty much it. And it also happens to be an annoying Event, one that most players hope to not see happening.

I'm not asking for annoying Early Colony Events, and not for beneficial ones with huge bonuses either, but just for stuff that happens once in a while in some games (not every game!) to add flavour and colour and to make the first colony memorable in the player's mind.


Colonzing another planet, in another fucking solar system, is in actual science fiction (including in science fantasy) a feat of epic novelty, yet in Stellaris it almost always has a dull flatness to it, as if you're just settling yet another city in Civ.


Random shit that can happen, with different shit for Materialists or Xenophobes or Spiritualists or Inward Ship-Burning Perfectionists or Rogue Servitors or so forth, that maybe gives you a few resources, or gives you a very temporary bonus or penalty to the planet or to the empire, but that creates a sense of thingness rather than the absence that is flatness and everything-is-the-sameness.

Same for non-Void Dwellers settling on the first Habitat. Usually it goes well, in most games, but sometimes there might be hitches, or unexpected delights for the colonists. Or for any kind of empire settling on the first exotic world, the first Gaia, the first Tomb World, or random event that might happen when you create a Resort World or Thrall World. Even weighted Events for first-Desert World, first-Ocean World, first-Apline world, etc.

Not in every game!

I'm honestly sick and tired of all that crap that predictably happens in every game. I want more unpredictability. Not as in chaos, not as in raping my attempts to conduct strategy. But as in stuff that only happens in a small subset of the many games played.

Interstellar colonization ought to be epic.

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