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stellaris 3 - Stellaris Console 'hidden abilities'

So I have been playing a boat of Stellaris on console and it is great…

But there is a big but coming here.

A lot of features are hidden, building space stations, getting strike craft, and so on. Now I have no idea if the developers are in here I hope they are but I just wanted to put this out here because I think it could be useful for them. If they were ever to do a tutorial like Surviving Mars

Now I want to say that the A.I. tutorial feature was great it didn't hit a lot of the problems that a lot of games have with tutorials in that it doesn't break ludo-narrative dissonance you usually feel with a tutorial however I would say that it is highly intrusive. The second time I played I wanted to play with it on in its more limited capacity however it became very intrusive. When you hit Left or Right on the D pad there it was. That is why I ended up turning it off. Now that may be enough for most people to well maybe those features aren't so hidden… but I never saw it talked about and I left the thing on for a long time. But with all of that out of the way let me go over the features that are hidden.

1.Building space stations.

For those of you who are here wondering how it is done I only know the Xbox verision but I assume that for playstation it would be the same button for chaining commands (I think it would be square.)

Select a constructor ship, press X (chain command button) in empty space in a system you wish to defend, two options will appear, move here or build military station, press down, and select build military station. A new menu will appear, with military stations.

For the developer I think there is an easy fix to this, with the A.I. when the pirate attack event happens which I think is very common for first games just have the A.I. say we may wish to build military station to defend the area.

2. Strike crafts… also Torpedoes and Point defense

For those of you who are here wondering how it is done I only know the Xbox verision

Go to ship design. Scroll down to Carrier, select destroyer, press right on the D-pad, press down, it will have the Artillery Bow selected, Press right on the D-pad, to go to Broadside Core, select it by pressing Press A (I believe X for play-station), three options should appear, select the one called 'Picket Ship Bow'. an empty slots will appear, the red P slot will have point defense, the Yellow H slot will have strike craft, you may select them there.


It is very likely that with strike crafts your reaching the late development point of the game, and you have been relying on the ship designer to update your weapons and even if you haven't you are likely working off the current ship designs. Strike craft can only be gained by changing hull types. However because of how the system is designed, people never think of pressing up once your at the weapons bay because creation stops at your weapons, armour and advanced slot choices.

The new ship design menu for beginners is extremely scary, so perhaps when you gain a new, weapon type, like torpedoes, strike craft, or point defense you have A.I reactivate and say you have access to new weapons not on any of your current ship designs perhaps you should design a new craft for those weapons.

3. Species rights and its effect on happiness

It seems to me that most people don't know that the presets for a species other than your own race aren't the same as of your default race, this can affect happiness along with a number of other things.

For those of you who are here wondering how it is done I only know the Xbox verision

Select a planet which has your new species and select them, scroll down to details, by selecting details, set rights comes up, goto living standards this will have the biggest effect on your new species happiness.

Sam deal as before, I think A lot of people won't know. When you get new species in your empire for the first time activate the A.I and say humanity always believed in human rights but do they believe in alien rights lets find out, and have it go through the process with the player


Now if there like me they will looks stuff up on the internet, but when they do they will likely get results like, are strike ships worth it? Defensive platforms are they worth it? Species rights are they worth it? okay that last one was a joke it will just talk about mods, and updates… But are most people like me… no I am a guy who commented on the internet, which of course makes me an idiot, as you open your self up to comments like console peasant why would you even make this post join the master race and join us with the mods that fix everything, and so on. I have seen your 40k mods on Aspec YouTube colour me unimpressed. All I am saying here is there are some things with the PC port which you (the developers) may wish to consider. I hope I have been polite, and considerate with the exception of the two sentences which were very dry humour. I hope that this is taken the spirit in which that is intended now I will toodle off the the stellaris forum at Paradox and put this there.


seriously you wanted a TL;DR, your on a forum… about Stellaris… you don't get that, read the post.

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