Stellaris just needs more depth, not new additions/revamps.

stellaris 2 - Stellaris just needs more depth, not new additions/revamps.

Here is the obligatory "wide as an ocean but deep as a puddle" metaphor that everybody hates hearing. I never really say it about a game, but I really think its true about Stellaris to a frustrating degree. It might be the only game I can think of that this applies to.

Stellaris has had 4 major expansions and it sort of amazes me that Federations is really the only meaningful one out of all of them. I think Utopia is a close second, but its more mediocre, since Federations is the only one that really changed the game.

All of these free updates have been changing travel mechanics, pop systems, warfare, etc. It all just felt like tweaking and find tuning while the "expansions" felt more like fun toys. I'm so happy finally a diplomacy overhaul happened after four expansions, but it shouldn't have taken this long.

  • Yeah, Megastructures are a neat addition to the sci-fi fantasy, but when do I get actual diplomacy?

  • I mean, I don't really use the colossus after the novelty wore off, but why is all diplomacy still basic bilateral agreements?

  • Megacorps offer a unique playstyle, but why is the mid-game still so fucking boring?

I love the new expansion but holy fuck, Paradox needs to get their shit together and stop just tacking things on. Expand upon your already existing systems! When was the last time Stellaris even touched technology? Even with 1.25 tech modifier, I'm hitting Shield Strength 30 repeating tech before the end game crisis happens as a fanatic spiritualist.

There is so much that Stellaris can still expand on and its been years. I don't know that fundamentally the way I play has changed for the entire course of the game with the exceptions of Federations and the countless reworks of existing systems.

I think this can be most evident with how easily you can run away with the game even on hard difficulties. You can stomp the shit out of Awakened Empires even if you set their starts to early. It feels like the devs didn't even really account that much for the economy late game either. There are so many things that just feel like they "tacked on". Everything feels paper thin and I think thats a big reason why even with the end game crisis and war in heaven, the game feels so boring. I can't bring myself to finish it.

  • Why does it seem like culture is just not a thing? You have very minor differences with things like slavery existing/not existing, having robot arms/psychic powers, but it feels like there isn't any culture whatsoever? Aliens can just flawlessly integrate into my society somehow.

  • Why is it that mid-late game I always have absurdly high resource production but fuck all for resource capacity? I produce 2K alloys a month with an entire 300 pop ecumenopolis dedicated entirely to producing alloys but after a single fucking battle I can't reinforce my fleet again because somehow my 170 star system empire stores only like what, 20% more alloys than at the beginning of the fucking game? And silos only give like 2K, what the fuck? Space ports and building slots are super valuable and you're giving me 2k resource capacity???

  • Why is tech still so boring and so easy to get boring? There are some good perks that do change the way I play and are significant milestones. Ship classes, an extra civic perk, gateways, psyonics, but thats sorta just it? Basically all of the other upgrades are just stat increases, and its especially shitty where end game I only research 3 things. Army health/damage, kinetic speed/damage, and shield health. You don't need to have anything else, just research these 3 things. But this shouldn't be the case anyways. These techs appear WAYYYY to early. I should be still gaining more major milestones. Why not techs that allow me to add additional districts? Why not techs that automatically resettle unemployed pops? Why not techs that allow me to rescan planets for a slim chance of new anomalies? Why not techs to allow for better ship hull configurations? Why not techs that increase resource storage space? Why are techs so boring and soulless regardless of what type of nation you play?

  • Why is it that ship experience/army experience exists? Seriously, real talk, has anybody ever had an assault army get to veteran rank or a ship get to elite rank? I've seen an army get 800 XP max, and considering the entire enemy force can just conveniently focus down that one army and kill it, whats the point? Why can't I train my ships instead of cleaning dogshit experience by patrolling for piracy? All of these units die too easily and the bonuses don't amount to much anyways. Either make it so they're hard to kill and xp is hard to obtain, or they're easy to kill but xp is easier to gain.

  • Why are spiritualists just… Vaguely spiritualist? Maybe I've missed it, but I've played a fair few spiritualist games and I have never encountered an event regarding differing religions or beliefs between species. Its the same thing with culture, why is it just, not there at all? Why does it feel like my society only exists by what I type in the description box? The only thing that really feels like you have a legitimate foundation of a society are your origin stories.

  • Maybe its just a personal gripe that not many people care about, but why is ground combat so… Boring? I would think battles involving billions of machines/aliens would be pretty significant, but it really isn't. In fact, all you really have to do is keep around a stack of 60 xenomorph armies and you don't even have to siege planets because the AI rarely have above a dozen defense armies (Besides awakened empires).

  • why is everything after 2300 just a numbers game? Exploration and decisions and all of the exciting shit goes out the window. You no longer have cool storylines (Except maybe the Enigmatic Fortress) and instead you just focus on bumping those fleet numbers, those alloy numbers, that diplomatic weight. Where the fuck did the story and immersion go? Did the devs just run out of events?

There is just so much stuff I wish they'd expand on and I only feel like they did it because they couldn't figure out any new things to add. Please keep improving on what you did with Federations. I don't feel like the game was actually being developed until Federations. I truly love this game but this game needs more substance. I have 1200 hours and I've never even finished a game because the game has so many annoying popups and no flavor in the painfully slow endgame.

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