Stellaris Lore: Spiritualist vs Materialist – The Ultimate Debate

stellaris 1 - Stellaris Lore: Spiritualist vs Materialist - The Ultimate Debate

So, as far as ethics go in stellaris, well, pretty straight forward.

Pacificst-Militarist: Deals with the concept of war.

Xenophobe-Xenophile: Deals with the concept of handling other people

Egalitarian-Authoritarian: Deals with the concept of leadership.

But… what about the last group. The two ethics I didn't state are the spiritualists, and the materialists. These represent, well, alot of things, and likewise, I will approach each one separately.

Materialist – Spiritualist

The materialist – spiritualist dichotomy axis looks at Epistemology, Metaphysics, the nature of being and reality in general as well as the empire's view on the Mind-Body Problem.

On one hand, materialists disregard religion as superstition, considering that life has no intrinsic meaning outside of their own reality and that the only true purpose is what they make of it. In contrast, spiritualists, reject raw, 'hard' science and believe that consciousness surpasses materiality and that their temporal, corporeal bodies, subjected to the vicissitudes of the universe, are only a means towards a greater end: To improve themselves spiritually in anticipation of their future ascension to higher planes of existence.

Materialists are scientific and get a bonus to research speed and robot upkeep, while Spiritualists strive towards piety and tradition and thus gain more unity and have lower edict costs. Materialists are more likely to draw Robotic technologies, while Spiritualists are more likely to draw Psionic technologies.

Materialists are normally unable to access psionics research unless they have employed a scientist with the leader trait Expertise: Psionics. The trait is only available through an event because it's inaccessible without the technology Psionic Theory, which is also inaccessible without the expertise trait. Even having a maniacal Society leader is not sufficient for a Materialist empire. Spiritualists on the other hand are capable of accessing robotics research without any restrictions but will suffer happiness penalties for not outlawing AI and cannot give citizen rights to robots of any kind.

Hmm, so
Ethics - Stellaris Lore: Spiritualist vs Materialist - The Ultimate Debate

Mr.Wiki says that this concept is a general reflection on society as a whole and what it means to be alive. Well, lets look into this some more.

What do materialist say about the world, well, lets see: As we reach for the stars, we must put away childish things; gods, spirits and other phantasms of the brain. Reality is cruel and unforgiving, yet we must steel ourselves and secure the survival of our race through the unflinching pursuit of science and technology.


Hmm, so this seems to focus on the religious aspect of life

Lets see what spiritualist say to that: There are those think it behooves us to remember how tiny we are, how pointless our lives in this vast uncaring universe… What nonsense! The only truth we can ever know is that of our own existence. The universe – in all its apparent glory – is but a dream we all happen to share.

Well, every group has its radicals, and these people are no exceptions. What do Fanatic Materialists claim?: Although it hurts, we must grow up and put aside our outdated notions of morality. There is no 'divine spark' granting special value to a living mind. No object has any intrinsic value apart from what we choose to grant it. Let us embrace the freedom of certitude, and achieve maximum efficiency in all things!

And for balance… Fanatic Materialists: Our science has proved that Consciousness begets reality. We regard with patience the childlike efforts of those who delude themselves it is the other way around, as they play with their blocks of 'hard matter'.

Now, lets take a look their info.

83mkhg3dk8h21 - Stellaris Lore: Spiritualist vs Materialist - The Ultimate Debate

Welll, lets take a look at some important stats.

For Materialists, well, bonuses seem to revolve around the use of machines. Well,so do Spiritualists. The concept of not only having a robot, but even being associated with one seems to be abhorrent to these religious people.

Ok, one last thing: THE SHROUD (Dun-Dun-DUUUUN)

a8b9448sm8h21 - Stellaris Lore: Spiritualist vs Materialist - The Ultimate Debate

That, that basically summarizes it. The shroud is a world on a similar plane as the extra dimensional invaders.. The world of Psionic energy.

So, given this information, what do you think. Is materialism a viewpoint just on religion, or is it more than that? How do you think each group looks at life? How do they view the shroud? I invite you all to discuss this. No stupid answers!

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