Stellaris Mod : Underground Realms : Ready for 2.6

stellaris 2 - Stellaris Mod : Underground Realms : Ready for 2.6

Welcome to Underground Realms !

This mod provides several features that improves unused Empire types and gameplays. It will be improved over time.

For now it improves :

- Criminal Heritage (And moreover Subversive Cults) - Spiritualist Empires (Psionics) 

By the way, the mod has been tested and is :

Mod Page :

Previous Reddit topic :

I> Drastically enhance Criminal Syndicates

Criminal Syndicates are a bit underwhelming these days, and this is very sad. This is why this mod exists in the first place. With it you can :

– Access to improved Criminal Corporate buildings that provide interesting Jobs for your hosts (So they may not just want to kick you out).

– The ability to open Branch Offices in other Megacorps.

– Various event related to Crime, from a simple resource stealing to a complex planet take-over.

– A nice edict tool that will spread Crime all over the Galaxy.

– The ability to keep Branch Offices opened, even if they are getting closed. But this has a cost !

– If you try to play with Gospel of the Masses AND Criminal Heritage, you will have access to infamous Temple of Malice, which replaces the Temple of Prosperity. It provides Crime and Cultists that will spread your Faith torough your "clients"

– You wil also have access to some cool features such as scary Rituals that will put your opponents in delicate positions.

– Normal Gospel of the Masses and regular Megacorps have been slightly improved accordingly.

Here are some screenshots. Keep in mind that some of them might be outdated, but the core idea remains :


II> Shroud 2.0


Litteraly. I mean it.

What's waiting for you in 10,000 lines of code that improve the Psionic Ascension.

This mod adds a enormous fluff to the vanilla Shroud. The idea is simple :

– The Shroud will now have effects on OTHER players, including yourself.

– The Shroud will have levels of criticality which will grow when you use the Shroud powers.

– Although it is a boon for Spiritualists, it could also be… dangerous for the unprepared mortal that uses too much powers as the flow of the Immaterium are random and unpredictable.

– I let you discover what it does, however, here are some spoilers :


I let you discover this…

More technologies and events (especially Galactic Community features) will come in the future.

III> To go further…

Please join the Discord server and don't forget to visit the mod page ! 🙂

Mod Page :

My Discord server :

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