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stellaris 6 - Stellaris Planet Flavor

I'm so appreciative of Wiz and his team for the change Stellaris has undergone since its release. One of the features I'm most excited about is the development of true planetary diversity and flavor.

I'm a geography freak, and i love how you can finally access and view the geographical features of planets now. There's everything from industrial wastelands to fungal forests, dust deserts to rare crystal caverns and it feels fu*king awesome! (I can't wait to start writing cool stories and plots based on actual locations of planets now)

On top of implementing geography, the team has also now built a population system that properly and realistically simulates diverse and growing communities. Xenophile worlds are now filled with tons of different species, and these populations have their own social stratums and political depth…


I could go on and on… there's now an actual stability for each individual planet, a criminal system, economy and trade, etc etc etc

I just can't get over how dynamic and real the planets and populations are going to feel and i can't wait to get my hands on Le Guin. These changes are going to finally make the galaxy of Stellaris feel truly alive and real.

Thank you Wiz! Thank you dev team! I can't wait to give you my wallet.

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