Stellaris : Rebellions (Expansion Suggestion)

stellaris 1 - Stellaris : Rebellions (Expansion Suggestion)

I know Federations just came out, and although I have been enjoying the current update, I still find something lacking, specifically the political side of the game. It's too focused on the factions manager and gaining or losing influence; rarely do we see large-scale rebellions or separatist movement that isn't a synthetic uprising, which could be considered as a legitimate threat to our empire. I know some mods could address this like Potent Rebellions, but the effects are small scale that any possible separatist movement could barely lay a finger on your 200k fleet power near endgame. Sure the AI could experience a civil war that would tear their empire in half, but I have yet to experience it happen to a player.

I sat in my throne room, thinking of a possible way to address this. My Idea would be an expansion like the Federations DLC. This Idea would overhaul and add up to the political side of the game.

keyword: ethic – political ideology




Stellaris: Rebellion (Suggestions)

  1. Administrative capacity would be overhauled. Overextension would no longer just cause the player to gain debuffs. Instead, just like EU 4, there would be political movements, which, if left unaddressed, would either lead to a separatist rebellion, or ethic shift/government shift-type civil war.
  2. The more ethnically diverse your population is, the higher the chance of a separatist rebellion.
  3. Leaders would have an Ethic trait to them. No longer would your governors blindly follow you to wherever you want. Assigning a specific leader to a sector would slowly increase that sector's ethic, similar to its governor.
  4. Sectors Increase Administrative capacity but decrease Cohesion. Administrative capacity would no longer have to come from social research alone (although it should be possible). Creating sectors and assigning governors to them would increase your administrative capacity, although creating too many sectors would decrease your Cohesion. The higher your Cohesion, the more leaders of your governing ethics (loyal leaders) would appear.
  5. Ideology Rebellion (Government ethic shift (Civil War)). The leaders who follow the ethic which rebelled would have a chance of joining the war as your enemy. Meaning the admiral who commands that huge fleet of yours may become your enemy unless he has the…
  6. Loyalty Trait (could appear on all leaders, has a higher chance of appearing on same government ethic.)
  7. Planets would have a pie chart indicating their political (majority) affiliation
  8. GRAND SENATE, similar to the galactic community but in an empire-scale. Policies pass here, and each ethic would have its own opinion on the matter. In Imperial governments, if the Emperor assigns leaders to sectors (feudal-esque), there would be a "debate" between them, but if the Emperor decides to be an Absolute monarchy (no sectors, but a higher chance of rebellion), then he is the Senate. In democracies (since there currently no direct or indirect democracy in Stellaris), everything would be voted by the people (via the planet pie chart).
  9. Corruption system (because what is politics without Corruption) Corruption would give the empire debuffs on resources and technology; It could be fixed via influence.


I know my ideas still have a lot of holes in it, but it is what I envision the political game of Stellaris may become, A constant machiavellian power struggle where no large empire is safe. Throughout history, all empires which came eventually fell. An Empire which has conquered the entire galaxy is doomed to fall from the inside.

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