Stellaris Slowdown Woes- We know that Pops are the problem.

stellaris 5 - Stellaris Slowdown Woes- We know that Pops are the problem.

Everyone wants their copy of Stellaris to run a little faster. But is there any organization over how? We all know about the "pop slowdown bug" that forced Paradox to do something useful. Has there been anything along those lines since? Have many players turned down the graphics settings in the game menu? Not having to beautify everything saves some RAM time. I too wouldn't mind a mod that blands up all the planets and nebulas. Paradox has been tweaking the game to look better and better, though those tweaks all come at a graphics run-cost. I don't care about the triple-cloud-layer rotating planets, I just want to board game a space strategy conflict. If it looks like a cardboard cutout, that's fine too. There's a line not to cross over if it's too ugly, but there's a line to not cross over if a program is too worried about beauty to be worth playing.


And that's on top of the population calculation per day-second, which calculates up all sorts of faction alignments, career path decisions, and leader popularity opinions. WTH? I just want my in-game Empire's population to act like the numbers they are instead of a digital simulation of real people. I've never seen any reason why they can't defer it all to the monthly-turn instead of every damn day-turn. This is an ongoing problem that has been addressed, patched, denied, and deferred by Paradox. But never removed since it's implementation. We know that populations are the problem. They "do things" behind the scenes. So, players have to do things to the populations as a coping and consolidation method, with questionable results. Myself, it can take 2-5 seconds to move a single population from one planet to another. That can easily add up to taking 6 minutes per planet depopulation after taking over an Ai empire. Hopefully everyone else has it better, but me, I like my ringworlds. Now, that's not the main problem, and it's something that's done late-game, but it's a stretch of boredom that Stellaris doesn't need. The pop living calculations are the real problem. With every Version update Stellaris has gotten more complicated, as pop related and city square related tweaks are folded into the main program, and are only improved when the actions of efficient groups like NSC involve themselves, or the "Population Slowdown near-revolt" happen. We must remember that Byzantine was an empire that is now a word meaning "overly complicated, needlessly divided, and often repetitiously counter productive." Stellaris is not the same game that it was when it started out, and we must face facts that it has, and it is going to get worse if something is not done about the main reasons for the program lag- the Population behavior calculations, which are outgrowing the space-war simulation arm of the Stellaris program, and the "needlessly beautiful universe" arm of the Stellaris program. I cannot implement anything, and I don't know nearly enough coding to try. But someone has to do something.

"I don't need it, I don't want it, I didn't ask for it, and I want the opposite!"

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