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Stellaris is one of my favorite games and I'm glad it is still getting DLC and mod love. To celebrate the Necroids species pack, I wrote down some features I'd like to see in the future. Ideas in each part go from easiest (maybe a simple mod could do it) to hardest (might need a full expansion to get it right). Feel free to use any of these for mods, or link to existing mods that already do this. Seeing any of these happen in any form would make my day!

1. Expanded Ground Combat. 1. Planetary/system effects on combat. Defending a fully populated Ecumenopolis should feel different than defending a tundra world with 1 pop. 2. Ground combat doctrine (like the Naval doctrines). This seems like the easiest way to give players a choice about how their armies perform. Maybe stealth ops to bypass controlled starports, or escape warp-pods to let some remnant escape losing battles. 3. More diverse battlefields. Maybe increase the number of combat lines so multiple armies can have a FFA rumble to control the planet, or multi-stage battlefields with fallback phases for defenders.

2. Faction-Based Civil War 1. Factions should be able to trigger civil war. Rebellions are very localized right now and rarely have a big impact on the game, except for overextended slavers and DA's. Factions seem like they would map very nicely onto a global rebellion mechanic (similar to the AI revolts). 2. Desperately unhappy factions should be liable to do sinister / underhanded things to restore order to their empire. 3. Galactic Community could pass resolutions supporting or condemning certain factions, and possibly even authorize a military intervention if a civil war broke out.

3. Better Endgame Crisis 1. Show players the probability of how likely each crisis is to happen. Maybe gate this behind a late game research path. 2. Give players more influence over the crisis that happens. Dangerous techs don't really seem meaningful right now since in any reasonably diverse galaxy, they will all be researched well ahead of default crisis start date.

4. Galactic Geography 1. Make special star types dangerous to fleets until certain techs are researched. Give science ships immunity with early tech but require other ships to have better drives, shields etc. 2. Special Galactic Community project to colonize remote, long-lost worlds. Surely the previous failed colonization attempts are no reason to worry… 3. Do something with the galactic core. Maybe it turns into a special Crisis entry point, or can be mapped by a risky Galactic Community project granting special rewards.


5. Bizarre Populations 1. Parasitic pops. Necroid Species Pack got this one already, good work! 2. Corporate Drones. They only survive on worlds with foreign Megacorps present. 3. Tethered Pops. They can only exist on one specific world or they die instantly. Because sci-fi. 4. Gas Giant Species Pack. Might require annoyingly comprehensive rework of gas giants, maybe instead add some gas giant NPC's instead to fluff up the universe.

6. Fallen Empire Revamp 1. New Fallen Empires types, ideally one for each general civilization type: Hive Mind, Egalitarian/Federation, Authoritarian/Slave Empire, and Good / Evil Megacorp (SuperCorp? EvilCorp? MegaMegaCorp?). 2. Fallen Empires that can influence the Galactic Community, veto'ing key laws or threatening war or causing issues if the political conversation moves in a direction they don't like 3. A special Awakening period during which players can influence whether Fallen Empires awaken successfully. EG Spiritualists go on a crusade to reclaim forgotten Holy Worlds, Xenophobes try to purge all worlds 3 hyperlanes away from their system, etc.

7. Do More With Megacorps 1. Galactic Community resolutions that help or hinder MegaCorps. 2. Allow Xuracorp, Curators, etc to establish Megacorp offices and compete with player megacorps. 3. Robots, hive minds that can expand like Megacorps and/or allow other Megacorps to expand to them … either origin or unremovable starting civic. 4. More pirates. Robot pirates, pirate robots, pirate bases inside pirate planets, hive mind pirates, pirates riding hive minds, pirates that are stronger than trivial early-game fleets.

8. Espionage 1. One of the biggest traditional strategy features that hasn't been added yet. Maybe it can use envoys, similar to diplomats from EU4. I also like the city and agent system in HOI4 and Civ6. 2. Grant visibility, sabotage planets, influence factions, mess with diplomacy, etc. 3. Plant beacons that attract Crisis fleets.

9. More Mysteries?!?! 1. Weirder shroud outcomes. Maybe a civil-war type event that only fires for the Shroud. 2. More cool multi-outcome events like Dimensional Portal, and maybe more outcomes for existing events like that. 3. Discourage / penalize farming for special events, e.g. The Worm. The Worm is very angry at your attempts to operationalize it by patrolling science ships in and out of random black holes. The Worm knows you will do this and has already prepared a special surprise for your impudence.

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