Story about my current game(long)

stellaris 6 - Story about my current game(long)

So I just had a war that escalated to a bloodshed and here is the story:

The Interstwllar Human Empire located in the galactic west for the past 2 centuries has been expanding it's borders away from Earth to keep it as far away from the xenos as possible and for long the human war fleets were thought to be indestructible, but the last 2 wars have shattered that thought all together. After the Ihu had conquered border territories from it's northern neighbor Imperium of Tycor a century earlier, the Kel-Azaan Republic had swooped in to take over several systems in the new broder area with the Ihu as it's soveirgnty had for years been threatened by the Tycor. The Kel-Azaan had also due to this joined a federation with it's western neighbor Kingdom of Pirokko and outside the sensor range of the Ihu's border outposts.

The Ihu was starting to need more resources due to them building up their fleets and manufacturing capabilities of alloys and consumers goods and the council decided subjucating the Kel-Azaan to a tribunary state would solve this problem while also securing the northern border. The 3rd and 4th fleets were sent to the bordering systems along with a transport fleet as it was expected to be just an easy war. The 3rd fleet proceeded to hold a fortified system in an area that branched out to 2 ways leading to the Pirokko's and Kel-Azaan's core territories and it was meant to hold the system leading to the Pirokko side while the 4th fleet took some isolated territory after which it was meant to continue to the Kel-Azaan territory, but this would not go as planned. The Pirokko and Kel-Azaan had amassed a massive federation fleet with over 200 corvettes which was 40-50k fleetpower while the 3rd fleet was only around 30-40k fp. What followed was the biggest battle in the history of the Ihu as the 3rd fleet confronted the federation fleet and stood firm, but the over 200 corvettes were too much and the 3rd fleet activated the emergency ftl after a month of combat to save the remaining ships and after it returned to a the Deneb system, the capital of the Commonwealth of Man which had been annexed by the Ihu in the early stages of galactic history and it was counted that the 3rd fleet had lost most of it's corvettes and destroyers, several cruisers and battleships and a titan, which was the first loss of a titan for the Ihu. Soon after the 1st fleet was sent to hold the way into the Ihu's northern territory and the 2nd fleet was sent to disable and take over the shipyards and anchors within the Kel-Azaan territory all the while the federation fleet proceeded to push south but was blocked by an occupied planet.

With the defeat of the 3rd fleet the humans around the empire were mad and soon the recently finished planet cracker nicnamed "The Sword Of Mankind" was sent to test fire on a world in occupied Kel-Azaan border territory, which was too fortified for the human army weakened after the invasion of several planets which was the only army sent for the conflict while the other armies were too far away to arrive quick enough. When the planetcracker fired, the Kel-Azaan and Pirokko leaders watched the human broadcast in horror as billions of their kind were killed off in an instant. The planet cracker was now fully operational. Soon after the 3rd fleet was repaired and it was jumpdrived from near the frontline to behind the enemy to a system behind the federation fleet and it proceeded to disable several anchorages and shipyards in the core Pirokkon territories and the offensive against the federation fleet was began. The 1st, 3rd and 4th fleet were ready at the frontline and were sent to destroy the federation fleet. The 1st fleet attacked first and after a lengthy battle activated emergency ftl but it took down half the fleet. The federation fleet had won the engagement but was heavily damaged and proceeded to flee in order to reinforce and repair, but the 3rd and 4th fleet were still chasing after it and after a long chase through 5 systems the fleets clashed and the now 20k fleet could no longer resist and it was finished. Next the human fleets captured system after system of the enemy core territories, occupied planets and destroyed any remaining fleets. Then the sword of mankind arrived in the Pirokko's home system and above their homeworld. The Pirokkon government had gone to exile and they watched in horror as their home world and billions of their people were murdered again and next the sword of mankind was sent to the Kel-Azaan home system and began the operation to crack the Kel-Azaan homeworld but right before it was ready to fire, the Kel-Azaan surrendered because they didnt want a world cracked and they became a tribunary to the Interstellar Human Empire.


In the years following this war the Ihu recovered it's losses, rebuilt it's fleets and armies while the government on Earth fabricated slowly the claims over territory in the nations to the galactic east belonging to the Jua Waaktra Pact around the central rim in order to gain a larger buffer area for the Ihu which is located in the outer rim. Also during this period of peace the Ihu had invested with it's vast amount of stored resources to the construction of massive projects including the development of planets, a vast gateway network and a dysons sphere around barnards star 2 systems away from Earth. The systems around the Deneb system became a testing ground for the sword of terra as all barren uninhabitable worlds were cracked in order to test and fi e tune the colossus. Even with the investment several planets in the annexed regions have formed to become places riddled with corruption, crime and unemployment as it was not worth it to solve these problems considering that they were not in danger of rebellion.

After decades the 4 fleets, several armies and the sword of mankind were sent to the eastern borders and mankind prepared for a war to expell branch offices from annexed worlds and conquering territory against Yeon Democratic Planets to the south, Udkavongo Enterprises to the east and Adnoran Commerce League bordering these 2 neighbors of the Ihu to the east and what followed was the most bloody conflict of the galaxy's history. The human forces swiftly took over a large amount of territory and occupied planets, but the enemy would not surrender to our demands which extended the conflict to be way longer. As the human forces moved to take over most starbases and connected occupied territories, the sword of mankind was unleashed on the capital planets as a reminder what happens if our demands are not met and to destroy enemy morale. As the Interstellar Human empire began to get exhausted by the war due to the length of it even with the home worlds of all the 3 Jua Waaktra Pact memebrs having been blown and some more and all their systems occupied, it was then realised that a single world in an occupied system being claimed by us had not been occupied and investigation found that the army meant to invade the planet had been disrupted due to external events and the planet had been forgotten about as the human fleets were pushing fast and armies were invading other planets. The war ended with the capture of this planet, after billions were dead from the sword of mankind, fleet battles or planet invasions and billions more died unnecessarily due to us not invading one world.

Tl:dr had a war where my enemy surrendered just in time to save their homeworld from being cracked and a second war where due to me forgetting to invade a planet in a system i was claiming

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