Story of my Interstellar Human Empire game I am doing

stellaris 2 - Story of my Interstellar Human Empire game I am doing

The Interstellar Human Empire is an fanatic authoritarian and xenophobic human empire born from the ashes of a failed invasion.

In the November of 2106 came the first signs of an invasion force for an alien species which then occupied Earth but they didn't get an easy victory as the humans began a guerilla campaign against the invaders and then their occupation forces began leaving while infighting occured. The remaining forces were defeated in the spring of 2115 and the imprisoned invaders were executed. After this war the world was on the brink of anarchy and the military organisation Terran Union was appointed to lead Earth's reconstruction as it was the only one able to.

The new government was though inefficient due to being a military organisation and after 2 decades of only more rationing and no improvement the people had enough and began protests and unrest which was met with bullets and bloodshed. Then came an illegal political party which brought more protesting and soon the Terran Union halted all projects and began restructuring it's government but it went nowhere with all the internal strife and soon the illegal party called for everyone to take up arms, and take control of Earth. Over a billion people answered the call and within 3 days most of the major cities were occupied by revolutionaries. The Terran loyalist forces held in bunkers, public buildings, armories and the capital city and then on the 5th day they began a coordinated offensive gaining ground with their newer weaponry, tanks, fighter bombers and navy in the smaller cities and around the capital, but then loyalist soldiers began hopping on the rebellion's side as it was clear the loyalists couldn't last long and soon the loyalists were pushed back to only the central capital city. It would be a bloody 3 days as the rebels fought their way through the capital but then Tower 1 where the Terran Union was headquartered in was breached and a broadcast was sent all over Earth that the rebellion was over and Earth will have a new golden age.

The governmental functions were reorganized to a high efficiency and there was formed the Central Council consisting of the highest ranking Governors, Scientists, Admirals and Generals. Then followed the first golden age and Earth was reconstructing, the environment was cleaning from the invasion and space was now being investigated. Soon followed the construction of the mining and research stations in the Sol system which allowed for the first ftl-ready research, construction and military ships. In the year 2200 the Interstellar Human Empire looked to the stars as it began it's galactic journey.

They found out that the space around them was teeming with life in the form of habitable planets, old ship debris and a system filled with hostile pirate ships manned by unknown species. On the 3rd of March 2208 the first colony named Pangea was started in the Alpha Centauri system and soon many would follow. On the 2nd of May 2218 the first ship belonging to an alien civilization was encountered in the Tediss system to the galactic east of Earth and 2 years later they were identified as the Meko'Nass Star Realm and they wouldn't be the last.


In 2229 the engineers of the Interstellar Human Empire were able to activate a long abandoned cruiser and add it to the 1st fleet and soon the fleets would grow to protect the Empire. In 2243 these ships would come handy as they were sent to kill massive hostile creatures wondering in systems to our west halting expansion there and soon these creatures would be extinct. A year later in late 2244 began the first major colonization wave which saw most of the habitable planets in the current region of human space to be colonized. The following year the empress Aloy Nora would die and in early November Mabel Walden would be elected to lead the Interstellar Human Empire. On 3rd of April 2258 we encountered the xenos who had tried to invade us, the Knatza Annihilators who were fanatical purifiers and they were located to the galactic south east.

In late 2262 we began a war against the Confederacy of Qara Binam to make them our tribunary after they refused our demand to become one and this would be a good time to test our military power. The war was over in 2271 after our fleets and armies had occupied a large part of their territories and weakened their fleets.

In 2274 the Hierarchy of Spyria requested us to join a war agains the Osparian Syndicate who bordered our now tributary state Qara Binam and we accepted the request, but we never got our fleets there so Spyria was alone and the war ended in 2283 with Spyria taking one system

In late 2286 Emperor Mabel Walden died and soon Angela Gambadori was elected to rule the Empire.

In 2299 we decided to make the Moke'Nass our tribunary and began an offensive against them and their defensive pact ally south of us. The war did not go as smoothly as we planned due to the defensive pact and we ended up signing peace.

Then we attacked the Dekron Nexus, a determined exterminator which we ended with gaining a foothold in the southern side of the galaxy.

Then we attacked against the Moke'Nass and we were advancing well, but the Dekron out of nowhere declared war on us forcing us to prematurely end the Moke'Nass war but we formed a tribunary state out of the occupied territories. The Dekron were the biggest threat to the galaxy being the most powerful empire after the Fallen Empires and it had a fleet more powerful than ours, which though had been weakened by us in the first war against them. We made a defense at the wormholes leading to our Empire's territory and the most decisive battles were fought there. We damaged and pushed back their 3 main fleets and soon we rolled through their territory leaving them in 15 years to a cluster of system while we controlled the entire southern side of the galaxy and we created a vassal between us and the Dekron

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