[Story Time] *The swarm that got concerned*, Conclusion – The eternal Swarm

stellaris 4 - [Story Time] *The swarm that got concerned*, Conclusion - The eternal Swarm

Hey people,

it is me for one final time (regarding this storyline), Sealside.

Im the author of the concerned swarm saga, the first three parts can be found here:



The story line was innitially overwhelmingly successful, but the interest of the community overall declined quickly as well, with part three even receiving a good amount of downvotes when it was published. I take that as indicator that most people regularly surfing the reddit got fed up with being presented with one Epic Wall of Text after another, and i understand.

Initially i planned to release 6 chapers in total, but due to the reasons just listed, instead i decided to wrap it all up in one final post. Writing these takes a tremendous amount of time and documentation, but the storyline also won some pretty loyal fans that constantly hit me up with finishing the report, and i did not want to let these down! 🙂

I will write a little bit to what happened from 2365 to the end, which was roughly 200 years later, but most of it is documented in a pretty extensive IMGUR album, with over 200 well-commented screenshots of the major events that took place for those of you who really dug the concerned swarm saga.

You can find it here:

sQevKIk - [Story Time] *The swarm that got concerned*, Conclusion - The eternal Swarm

Part 1 – Wrapping up the midgame

The last part ended with several successful back-to-back wars with pretty much all of my neighbors as well as the far-away Eruxo and their allies, but my borders were still messy and my areas far-spread across the northern hemisphere of the galaxy.

Needless to say, the game kept screwing up all my plans, as the fallen empires started waging pointless wars against other nations (for bordering the xenophobe FE, or for going synth ascension regarding the spiritualist FE), which made it more or less impossible for me to follow through the intended Swarm Vs. FE story arc, especially because the other empires eventually overtook in power and smashed them to pieces. Spoiler, duh.

So instead, i gathered a large amount of fleet and army, and waged war one more time to the Connisthian Alignment and their federation. In a quick, intense and bloody war, i managed to take a lot of planets from them, as well as closing my borders and securing all the choke points i needed.

Part 2 – Awakened empires can become fallen empires again very quickly…

Around 2450 the first FE awakened. It had already lost two planets in its wars as FE as well as all its fleets, but i hoped for the best as i did not know how many fleets they would get. Some years later, the other FE awakened as well, and actually get the war in heaven questchain, and i was super excited for this.

That was, until literally 75% of the galaxy formed the non aligned forces and completely annihilated the spiritualist AE within about 5 years. For story reasons i did my best to protect the other fallen empire by waging war against the Non-Aligned forces, and the other FE managed to stabilize, but truth is they awoke way too late and did not play any significant role at any further point, which was a major letdown concidering the potential of the war in heaven questline.


I for myself, at this point, was going with a steady and stable 50 planet economy and 45k sprawl-penalty-free research, and with repeatables having 4-8 months of research time as well as me heavily focussing on energy weapons and defense platform damage+hull, i quickly became completely impenetrable. Small spoiler ahead from the very end of the game, but
defense platforms can get stronger than you likely thought.

Focussing on research, alloys and more defense platforms, the only wars i waged were to conquer more galactic wonders, especially Strategic Coordination Centers, Dyson Spheres, and matter decompressors.

The war in heaven of course destroyed the political landscape completely, as most federations were discarded in favor of the non-aligned forces, but in the end it did not truely matter anymore. For me at this point, it was just a race to become as strong as humanly – swarmingly? – possible until 2500, which is the date when the crisis would hit.

Part 3 – Containing the Contingency

Away from the gameplay itself, from 2450 on, the game became pretty laggy, as the game engine had more and more trouble keeping up with all the planets and especially the myriads of habitats that AI empires are building. For some time i even had the game crash every 3 to 4 years which was a huge bummer.

2500 the crisis arrived, and it was the contingency. The swarms territory was rather big at that point, but luckily none of the hubs spawned right in my territory. The x5 crisis had 600k roaming fleets and 1.4 million fleets guarding the hubs; i, at this point, had about 3 million standing fleet and defense stations that were powerful enough to defend against the roaming fleets with almost no losses.

My initial plan was to just sit back and wait until the contingency takes over all of the galaxy, then writing an epilogue of the eternal swarm that survived the endless waves of the contingency while the rest of the galaxy was slowly torn apart.

I spent some time using the distraction of the crisis to wage war against the left flank empires as well as the southern Mictor Integrators, completely taking them out and resettling all of their 5000 pops to one of my ringworld sections where they would serve the swarm as food deposit for basically forever.

Unfortunatelly, tho the contingeny fleets proved to be much too strong for the AI empires to beat, the contingency was also very, very slow to expand, especially because they took ages to take over planets. even 50 years later, when the game ended eventually, they had gained almost no ground, despite having killed over 4000 AI ships. Thats when i decided to destroy the contingency and call it a game.

And so i did. "Unfortunatelly" due to my tremendous tech advantage there is not much else to write about it. As i had outposts and gates all over the map, i could jump-drive to one hub after another, bombarding them until they were destroyed.

There was no victory screen because the (completely pointless) war in heaven was still going on, but also i did not need a victory screen. I achieved everything i wanted, i became…. the eternal swarm.

The swarm, after abdupting trillions of living beings – enough to feed them for millenia – destroyed the contingency single-handed, and withdrew into their borders, never to be seen again.

Every now and then, the awakened empire, alongside other, younger nations, would attempt to scout into swarm territory, but their eternal bastions obliterated every ship moving into sight for centuries.

The swarm had already conquered a new galaxy, albeit a small one – the L-Cluster-, and rumors have it they send parts of their fleet to other galaxies, harvesting them, striking fear into the hearts of the galaxies they visit by pretending to be fleeing from an even greater, even more powerful force. Mugani?

The Vag-Oross Restorers, once a powerful precurser empire, in their arrogance understimated the development of the younger races and was eventually torn apart. As they were dismissive to the swarm for centuries, now, the swarm was dismissive to them.

In the end, the swarm had saved the younger races, because without the swarm, there was no question the contingency would have taken over, eventually exterminating all living beings. And so the rest of the galaxy fell into an uneasy and uncomfortable state of peace, always fearing that one day, the swarm might return with even greater hunger…

I hope this is an acceptable compromise between not littering the reddit with more walls of texts, but also delivering the conclusion to these who were eagerly following. To all those who supported me, and even gave me a Gold, i say thank you once again, and maybe i will find a more sophisticated way to bring you more gameplay reports in the future!


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