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stellaris 6 - Strikecraft Bug Testing Numbers

I was testing a few things today with the command console and thought I'd test strikecraft numbers to see if the old damage modification bug was still around. There's a TL;DR at the end for those who (don't) care.

For those unaware, strikcraft in the previous patch had a very severe bug which made all strikecraft damage and attackspeed modifiers apply only to the first ship launched from each hanger and no other ships, effectively reducing those bonuses ~87.5% (and effectively making strikecraft even more unusable than they already were). This was pretty bad as strikcraft have 2 different repeatables (one increases attack speed and the other damage just like all weapon types) that stack multiplicative with another and would make it seem like strikecraft receive a very large damage boost from repeatables when in reality they gained almost nothing (5 repeatables of both techs, 10 repeatables total, increased damage by 39.06% instead of 2500%, a slight difference of about 2461% in real vs expected).

So I decided to test 3 different cases in a simple experiment using only the scout wing strikecraft. I created 2 different cruisers. The first had a single hanger slot filled with a scout wing. I removed all excess power by balancing shield mods and reactors to reduce potential sources of error. The second cruiser had no weapons or equipment and served only as a naked hull for the strikecraft to attack.

The 3 different cases tested were:

Case 1. A base line empty of all modifiers both for comparison to the other test cases and for comparison vs the expected values.

Case 2. Base plus a 10% ship fire rate increase. I tested this merely to confirm that normal ship modifications have no effect on strikecraft damage. The reason for this is that the ingame ship viewer will show an increase in DPS (as seen in the screenshot) despite how that should not apply.

Case 3. Base plus a 10% strikcraft fire rate increase. The meat of the test. Note there's a 5% ship fire rate increase on there (due a small error in research tech ups) but, as you'll see in the data, that had virtually no effect on the numbers.

Damage was recorded over a 30 day firing period beginning on the first instance of damage taken by the target cruiser. I then ran each trial 5 times to try and normalize the rng a bit on damage roles. Now this is obviously not close to a perfect number of test cases but considering all I was hoping to see is if a listed 10% increase is closer to 10% rather than 1%, it was enough. Here are the results:

Case 1:

Base TrialTotal Damage# of DaysDamage per Day (DpD)
Total Average DpD26.56

Case 2:

Ship Fire Rate TrialTotal Damage# of DaysDamage per Day (DpD)
Total Average DpD26.64


Case 3:

Strikecraft Fire Rate TrialTotal Damage# of DaysDamage per Day (DpD)
Total Average DpD28.51

Which gives some interesting results:

DpD DifferenceAs a percentage of Base
Expected DpD-5.7-21.46%
10% Ship Fire Rate0.080.30%
10% Strikecraft Fire Rate1.957.33%

The first thing that stands out is that scout wing was doing significantly more damage per a day than their listed 20.86 at the base level. This might have to do with how I calculated damage from when the first damage damage tick rather than from the start of combat (and therefore did not factor in the initial flight to target time). But this point alone warrants further testing with the other strikecraft to see if the additional performance holds.

The difference between the base and the case with a 10% ship fire rate increase was basically null. So don't trust a ship's displayed damage if it uses strikecraft and has normal fire rate increases. It will show a net increase in damage that isn't there.

And of course, with a sigh of relief, we can see a substantial damage increase with the 10% strikecraft fire rate case. Not 10% like expected, but given how loose I was with testing accuracy considering my goal, more than close enough.

I did not test the damage increase upgrade (which may still be bugged) nor any other type of strikecraft (it's possible only scout wings work… this happened before) so I can't say with 100% certainty that the bug is completely fixed (as time constrains me from doing all the possible test cases in enough depth); BUT, strikecraft performance is significantly improved and they should scale better with repeatable techs than any other weapon type (as other weapons scale with 5%/5% repeatables instead of 10%/10% repeatables).


The bug appears to be fixed as strikcraft seem to scale properly again (EDUT: It is partially fixed, see comments) however their display damage does not match what is shown in game (being about 20% higher in actual damage done at the base) and the game shows modifiers effecting strikecraft on the card that do not actually effect their real damage.

At the very least, there is enough of a difference shown here that more indepth and comprehension testing should be done to verify the extent of difference in strikecraft DPS.

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