Sudden Negative Food Production

stellaris 1 - Sudden Negative Food Production

TL:DR Sudden Negative Food production of -100 from like +60, HELP ME please

I am Ironmanning a brand new Sol game for the first time in like a year. 2.0 is entirely new to me. I was doing okay in my opinion, expanding keeping all of my resource production as high as I can get it, not aggravating the AI until i could crush them, etc.

Suddenly my food is -168. It says I have a production of -100 and a usage of 68. I have no idea whats going on. One planet does have a -2 food, but the rest are green or 0. I have hydroponics bays in all the valid stations I have. The stockpiling value is at large. I had around 3500 food and had given some away to gain favor with some AI empires because I thought I had a comfortable buffer.


I only have 1500 food left and am reluctant to keep playing because I don't know whats going on. Did I just do something stupid and its my fault, or is it a bug? Is there some new mechanic with 2.0 that I don't know about? I did also just buy Utopia in the sale this week, and that's the only non cosmetic DLC I have.

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