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stellaris 2 - Suggestion for Research

For all those, that don´t feel like reading a wall of text:

tl;dr research is imbalanced, a good way to tackle this issue would be meaningfull buildings that grant specific research and other benefits, similiar to temples.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Research Labs were specialized in a field of science. Remember, when you would find a planet with a +20% physics research bonus and you would just pave every inch of the planet (or should I say tile?) with a physics lab? this kind of felt good and also made sense if you think of it on a immersion level. But PDX didn´t think soWith the introduction of pops, the days of tiles and specialized research labs were gone. I honestly not too nostalgic about this in general, as to me personally, it was a great improvement to the game overall (not considering all the flaws to ai and performance that introduced, but hey I feel like we are getting there after all). However since there were no options to have some control over your research production, beside the option to produce more of everything, it lead to the state of research, where we are in right now, as it revealed the imbalance between the research fields.Engineering is by far the most important field, enabeling you to build better ships, starbases (and therfore naval cap), robots and of course mega structures aswell as the prerequesites for ecomenopoli. Ever wondered why you never end up building anything but laser/neutron launcher focused ships? the reason is, that as long as you try to play somewhat solid, you will always be at least one tier ahead in your energy weapons opposed to to rockets, hangars or kinetics up untill the late game and it simply wouldnt make any sense to use the later in that case. There are simply too many crucial techs in engineering to research to justify putting your valueable research point into a one of the weapon techs, when you allready have superior energy weapons anyway. This is kind of sad, as I truly believe, that there is a place fo those weapons, especially in the mid game, but right then you cant afford to prioritize them.

So there are basically 3 options.

  1. we accept this imbalance and deal with it, as we did in the past
  2. reworking the tech tree and balance it that way

or, and this is my preffered option

  1. give the player option to specialize his research

We already have this to some extend with society research. The monument give unity and society research, but going spiritualist even gives you the option to build temples, which is in fact a pretty nice building giving you amenities (and therefore can replace a holo theatre), unity and society research. It is actually great, as this enables probably the only strategy, that makes the shroud at least somewhat competitive to other ascensions, as it lets you rush traditions, while also excellerating your society research to get to psionic theory. This is the fastest way to become fully ascended, and while It is still inferior to biological (which in fact is also a very solid choice with that strategy, despite the fact that your spiritualist advisor will give you a guilty conscience everytime you tinker with the genes of your pops) or synthetic ascensions, it gives you a window in which you should be stronger, than empires who choose to ascend a different path (allthough the shroud is always ver dependent on rng jesus and even if played perfectly, you might just get screwed).

In fact this is a pretty solid exampla of how things should be, as it gives players meaningfull choice and introducing some asymmetry in an otherwise very symetrical designed setting, which personally would welcome very much, as every empire plays basically the same, after a cvertain point in the game.

I would love to have a similar building that maybe gives some engineering research and alloys or physics research and energy or maybe something completly diffrent. the main point is, we need meaningfull buildings that focus on one specific research field.

edit: while we are at it, please please give physics some meaningfull research options. as of now physics plaes completly in its options compared to the other research

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