(suggestion-mod idea)War plans, orders and coordination with allies

stellaris 7 - (suggestion-mod idea)War plans, orders and coordination with allies

This post Is both a suggestion for the base game and the proposal for a mod i may try to develop (probably failing badly, if any other modder would like to try please do).

We all know and love the artificial deficency that runs AI empires in stellaris, and i think many will agree that waging a war with an AI ally is one of the most infuriating things in the history of gaming.

I have thought that maybe a way to create a "war plan" might help fixing this.

Immagine a screen similar to the one used to lay clayms, in wich you can select a system and set it as a rally point for fleets, a point to defend or to attack at any point in the war.

This decisions would cost influence and allies would commit to these orders a portion of their forces relative to their opinion of you, their goals in the war (if they have claims to get or not for example, or if they are threatened by the enemy) and maybe other factors.

If you want to go deeper you could add orders to bomb a planet, rally armies or even select wich allies should follow wich order lineup to carry out complex operations.

Before making some examples of situations in wich i could use this mecchanic i think it may be good to add a few things, winning a battle may earn you influence, giving you the chance to issue more orders, while losing would reduce the portion of their fleet allies are willing to commit to your plan.

To add a drawback allies could send you orders, for example to rally with one of their fleets and follow it, or to defend a system in their border, failing to commit enough forces to their request could damage relations, or even add war exhaustion.


Immagine you are the leader of an hegemony, i always find my subjects useless, when my ships take point even if the AI manages to meet me and follow me (wich is a miracle by itself) they are too week to be of any help to my main fleet, it would be best if after my main fleet had breached the enemy main defenses the inferior fleets of the subjects could occupy unprotected system and maybe escort troop transports.

In a recent game (grand-admiral) playing as the UNE i was part of a large federation, comprised of many military powerfull empire, that went to war agains a much weaker neighbor wich had a defense pact with a powerfull empire on the other side of the galaxy.

The only way enemy reinforcements could come was through the L-cluster i controlled, so i put my main fleet to defend it, expecting to be joined by my allies, while sending a smaller one to occupy the enemy, insted they threw their fleets against the understrenght target leaving me alone to hold the cluster.

Im sure a mechanic like this could help fixing these problems and keep in check the terribile AI, while keeping a certain degree of "realism" in the way diplomacy Is handled but surely would be full of problems or way to exploit It, what do you guys think?

(English Is not my first language sorry for eventual errors)

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