(Suggestion) New Expansion pack; Heroes of the Galaxy

stellaris 2 - (Suggestion) New Expansion pack; Heroes of the Galaxy

1r6kj1pseca31 - (Suggestion) New Expansion pack; Heroes of the Galaxy

Amazing artwork made by Jeremy Chong

Heroes of the Galaxy

In many empires, there are those that live the circle of life, live under the rulership of their emperor… but there are also those that deviate, some who have bigger ideals and bigger goals than the typical civilian. Those capable of so much… Some that people call, a hero.

Primary Expansion Pack mechanic: Wandering Heroes

Heroes of the Galaxy introduces a new mechanic called 'Wandering Heroes', an anomaly/quest-like system that revolves around the middle and later stages of the game. These quests often break many boundaries, intending to create diversions for your empire to gain perks from, or become tie-breaking factors in a cold war that resides between your empire's borders.

Occasionally you may find a Hero suddenly entering the borders of your empire. These heroes can be species of your empire, but can also be of others, begging your empire for help. The rate of attracting heroes is depending on a couple of factors, of which one can be your Pop's ethics, but also depend on recent events in the game. These heroes ask your empire to sponsor them, in order to help them fulfill a quest. When you sponsor them, you hand them a bundle of credits, and a ship (Military, Army, or Science, depending on the hero's quest.) in order to getting started on their quest. If you do not think a Hero's purpose is fit for your empire, you can dismiss them… but they will always seek aid still, just no longer to you.

Much like factions, a Hero often has a task-list of stuff that you can do to 'appease' this Hero. These can either be short or easy ones, but also long or hard ones. What quests could you expect? Here are three examples of quests:

Zalvym, evangelizing Zealot (requires Spiritualistic pops): A highly spiritualistic missionary, that is despised your faith is seen as pure blasphemy! As his task, he insists your empire should be humiliating another empire, tell the others who truly bears the rightful faith!

Tarvak, the Bounty Hunter (no requirement): A renowned bounty hunter is asking you to stop the roaming threat of a notorious pirate that is raiding cargo fleets. As his first task, you need to pick up a trail where this fleet is, until you get enough information to track the fleet's location. The fleet is a roaming 'Rogue Fleet' that is hostile to your empire, but neutral to others.

???, of <Empire Name> (requirement: Not Fan. Pacifist, Another Empire has recently lost inhabited systems): A pop from a recently attacked system is standing to you in despair, their home was taken by another empire and needs liberation. When assigned, you automatically get a Claim on the targeted empire (even as pacifist, so Liberation wars apply.) and you need to succesfully conquer the targetted system. Once conquerred, you are given a (hefty) reward, and the system is returned to its previous owner.

But, what are the spoils? Each Hero has their eyes on a grand bounty, either a hefty sum of resources, a new form of technology, a marvel of a vessel, or even some secret intel on a system/location nearby you (i.e., Anomalies that didn't get discovered, or completely new systems). On top of that, once a Hero has been succesfully been appeased, they will now work for your Empire permanently as a Leader!


Quests will often time cause border breaks between your and another's empire, as their objective may lay in another's claimed system. They will encourage creating tie-breaks in occasions that seem like a cold war stalemate.

Secondary Expansion Pack mechanic: Dying of the Light (Endgame Crisis)

The Galaxy bristles with life, but like the laws of nature and physics go, not everything is infinite. So is the lifespan of the very celestial bodies we depend on so heavily.

As soon as your researches has dug into the marvel of harnessing the sun's power, one scientist noticed a rather horrifying detail to their research about the sun… Their lifespans were already finite, but nobody expected them to be exhausted… this soon. After the event is rolled (and a player has researched the Dyson Sphere technology), a prompt will appear telling the worrying discovery about the suns; 'Is this truly it'?, giving the official 25 years heads-up for the Dying of the Light event. 10 years ahead, another warning will occur; 'Dark days are ahead.', highlighting the first 5 year's candidates.

After the event officially starts, every year, (Galaxy Size)/25 (8/16/24/36/40)will suddenly lose their sun(s), starting with the empires furthest away from the Center of the Universe and continuing in that fashion. As they die out, they take all that was built in their supernova. All starbases and megastructures (with exception of the L-Gate) will be destroyed, and previously inhabited worlds become either Molten or Frozen worlds, completely uninhabitable by any species. The L-Gate will remain unaffected, safe-ground territory.

This whole series of events keeps continuing for 20 years, until (Galaxy Size)/5 (40/80/120/160/200, not counting the L-Cluster) remain standing. During this event, all empires will gain a new Casus Belli; 'Right to Exist', a new form of Total War, that is imperative for empires to use in order to conquer new worlds in safer territory to live on.

Other updates/changes with this Expansion


– The 'Dyson Sphere' (Physics) research is now a Dangerous Tech

– New Research: 'Federal Unity' (Society), enables you to form a Federation.


– (Diplomacy) 'Form Federations' is replaced by '+10% Hero Attractiveness, -25% Hero Sponsorship cost'


– Helping Hand: -10% Hero Sponsorship cost, gain +0.5 Influence for every Hero Leader in your empire.

– Beacon of Liberty has now +5% Hero Attractiveness in addition to its perks.

Some questions:

– Will Fanatic Pacifists get the 'Right to Exist' Casus belli too? Yes. No matter what sacred or moral ethic you follow, desperate times need desperate measures.

– What happens if a Hero is rejected? Heroes will continue to roam (like caravaneers) between empires until they find one that sponsors them. The 'Hero Attractiveness' will solely determine if you are the first they will contact.

– What happens if a Hero as Leader dies? They… die?

– Can you get immortal leaders (like Robots/Hive Mind) as Heroes? As Robots and Hive Mind are nearly impossible to deviancy unlike other organic pops, no they won't appear.

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