Suggestions that you would like the Stellaris team to (deeply) consider adding into the game.

stellaris 3 - Suggestions that you would like the Stellaris team to (deeply) consider adding into the game.

🌍🚀With Stellaris growing unprecedentedly fast within the strategy gaming community and it getting better and better in gameplay after every single update, the player base constantly asks themselves what will come next? Which one of our suggestions will be added into the game? This is a discussion thread for exactly that, suggestions which could be easy to implement and balance and fun to play around with.🚀🌍

I for one am all in for:

1-) Planetary strip-mines which can deplete over time up to a base of, let’s say, 10 minerals from 80 or possibly more. Of course, with a considerably large cost in alloys, let’s say 1000 alloys per strip-mine.

2-) All ship classes available since the beginning of the game. This would allow for more versatility and more interesting military options at the start of the game such as only building big but ineffective ships just to show off to stronger players so they are fooled into not attacking you etc. New ship sections could be researched later on and also technologies that greatly increase hull points.

3-) A part of this ties directly into number 1 ,a rework of star base mechanics and allowing us to cram more buildings and utilities into a star base such as turning them into mining platforms that give something like +50% mining station output to that system or artificial, one way wormhole generation capable of being reconnected to other starbases allied or personal, small habitats, better listening outposts etc.

4-) Make terraforming more interesting such as, what we had at game release, terraforming stations. These stations would cost 600 alloys and would be used not only to terraform planets, but by also giving them habitability bonuses, specific resource production bonuses depending on planet type and number of districts and so on by changing their function to weather controlling satellites and, who knows, maybe we could have events related to them such as climate changes and unpredictable weather patterns.

5-) Make strategic resources more interesting such as using them to build megastructures(makes a lot of fucking sense) and using them to build certain, early game super weapons based on your ethics.


6-) This ties directly into number 5 too, early game super weapons, good old sun crushers, dark reapers, and so on. Incredibly strong ships capable of immense firepower and destruction, unique hull configurations such as mobile gateway generators(with a build limit for balance issues) ships with +100% planetary bombardment damage, ships with incredible shield and armor strengths which also give passive support to the rest of the fleet in various ways.

7-) Integrate armies into ships. You could have ships designs with minimal weapon modules but insanely huge army strengths for quickly capturing enemy planets. I hate how shitty army transports always have to be obliterated by that one single enemy torpedo corvette.

😎 More ship role specialization such as corvettes being fast, hit and run attack craft, destroyers being disposable offensive support craft or cheap troop transports, cruisers being more of a defensive support craft and not just a bigger, slower, easier to hit destroyer, and battleships, specially carrier classes, able to support insane amounts of armies and having the ability to send their fighter wings to other systems to attack smaller targets or delay the enemy when capturing certain high value systems with limited fleet power and finally the titan class, not much to change here if not at all other than it giving stronger bonuses and more ship sections so it is actually worth your alloys instead of it being a sign of your technological superiority.

9-) Diplomacy, a galactic United Nations. Imagine the possibilities. Tariffs for filthy, greedy mega corps and space North Koreas(suggestion number 6, small empires can still threaten the interests of others, creating an interesting political landscape)

These are just some ideas to improve the game’s depth and strategy all of which I think will be easy to balance. What do you guys think about my ideas and let me know yours too.

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