Syncretic Slaver Empire Strategy

stellaris 7 - Syncretic Slaver Empire Strategy


I need some advice on an empire with syncretic slaves. Here's my idea for the build:

Fanatic Authoritarian / Spiritualist

Slaver Guilds and Syncretic Evolution

Master Species: Intelligent (or Thrifty?) / Enduring / Quick Learners / Weak / Decadent (?)

Slave Species: Servile / Strong / Industrious / Fleeting / Slow Learners

The slave species maximizes mineral production, which is straightforward enough. But as for the master species, is Intelligent a good idea for the research boost, or Thrifty to boost energy? Or drop Enduring and Quick Learners (to give me long-lasting leaders that level up fast) and have a combination of Intelligent and Thrifty? I intend to get Psionic Ascension ASAP, which will give an eventual research and energy boost anyway, but stacking that with Intelligent and Thrifty is tempting.


Also, would it be useful to drop Decadent for something like Sedentary or Non-Apaptive? If I end up creating specialized worlds there would be an imbalance between the masters and slaves on research or energy hubs, for example, and that 10% happiness hit would not be fun.

Any thoughts?

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