Synth Uprising Destroyed my Economy

stellaris 2 - Synth Uprising Destroyed my Economy

This was my first game as a Megacorp. I decided to go for xenophobe and materialist and *tried* to play very tall, starting off with the Void Dwellers origin and trying to keep things simple and well-optimized through genetic modification. I ended up not actually playing super tall, claiming quite a bit of space and planets but managing to stay below admin cap most of the time. I was doing very well with science through heavy use of research habitats. I went into robots and eventually synths fairly late into the tech tree just so I could get some extra pops and that's where things went wrong.

Playing as xenophobe and focusing ascension perks on gene modding meant that I couldn't do either of the things required to stop the robot revolution. Xenophobic government policy means that I couldn't give AI citizenship rights nor could I take The Flesh is Weak as an ascension perk.

I wasn't super concerned with dealing with uprisings. I had very high faction support thanks to deep space black sites and the declare superiority minor artifact. Unfortunately, this did not save me.


The uprising began right after I had just won a new subsidiary in a war on the other side of the galaxy. The AI immediately grabbed my core gateway world and my Mega-shipyard and soon many of my core planets. As I had to return through one of the gateways on the fringe of my empire, I reached my core sector before my federation members did, who freed many of the planets to a new empire led by one of the slave species that had been freed somehow (and were enslaving my main species, ironically). The AI rebellion was put down fairly swiftly after my fleets arrived, and the new empire was re-absorbed soon after. However, the impact this conflict had on my economy has made me basically abandon that game.

The AI, for whatever reason, decided to bulldoze every building that wasn't an alloy foundry and start from scratch. When I recaptured those planets, I adopted enormous amounts of unemployment and none of the factories I needed to provide the extra consumer goods. My research output has basically been cut in half, I'm now way above admin capacity, and the slave-slaver empire sold lots of my pops on the slave market while they were briefly in control (might be a good thing in this circumstance, but I always hate to lose pops). My trade routes are also a mess because my capital got moved to one of the fringe planets. I was declared war on by another federation soon into my extended reconstruction period and now I can't move my capital back to the system with the majority of my trade stations. Things are not looking bright for my horrible racist space-insect capitalists.

TL;DR: Capitalism seeds the sows for its own destruction.

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