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Stellaris has no method for assessing the value of a given system beyond the Claim system, which limits player-AI and AI-AI interaction in a number of ways. AI empires undervalue systems traded to them (e.g. an undeveloped system lacking mining stations, and a system with a Ringworld and 500 pops bringing in 1000+ Trade Value will both get you +8 opinion for a little while), are hard-coded to reject any trade deal that requests a system from them, and do not seem to factor resources or other features of a system into their expansion plans beyond the value the Claim system assigns.

I propose the following scheme, or something like it:

Feature System Value
Adjacent to Empire +5; -5 per hyperlane distance from Empire if not adjacent
Claimed +5 per Claim
Claimed by Rival +2.5 per Claim
Starport +10
Starhold +15
Star Fortress +20
Citadel +25
Minerals +1 per Mineral
Energy +1 per Energy
Trade Value +2 per Trade Value
Research +2 per Research
Alloys +2 per Alloys
Strategic Resources +5 per Strategic Resource
Observation Post +16 (= 8 Research)
Colonizable World +5 per District x Habitability
Inhabited World +(Colonizable World + 2.5 per Pop)*
Terraforming Candidates +1.5 per District if Empire has Climate Restoration; +2.5 per District if World Shaper Perk unlocked
Disabled Gateway +10; +30 if Empire has Gateway Activation
Active Gateway +50
Megastructure Construction Site (Any) +100
Dyson Sphere +(Energy + 100 per completed stage)
Science Nexus +(Research + 100 per completed stage)
Sentry Array +150 per completed stage
Habitat +(Colonizable World + Inhabited World + 50)
Ringworld +(Colonizable World + Inhabited World + 1000)
Ecumenopolis/Machine World/Hive World +(Colonizable World + Inhabited World + 500)
Wormhole +25; +30 if Empire has Wormhole Stabilization; +50 if Wormhole connects to another owned system
Black Hole/Neutron/Pulsar +25
Nebula +3; +6 (= 6 Minerals) if Empire has Mineral Processing
Enclave +Opinion of that Enclave
Chokepoint/Cohesion +5 for each hyperlane connected to another owned system
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Calculate all this and you'd get a System Value which could then be factored into a given empire's willingness to trade after some fun math is applied, which I'll leave to Paradox to figure out to balance it and prevent gaming the AI. (I don't have all the DLCs so I'm sure I've missed things.) Any researched technology or other permanent modifiers apply when assessing value. For example: a system has 3 Research, and the empire has tech and modifiers to increase research station production by 20%, so the Research value of the system is +3.6 (3 + 20% of 3). Temporary modifiers, such as Ruler traits or Edicts, do not apply.


* Other modifiers could apply depending on Ethics and whether the pops are Primitives (policies toward Primitives should not apply).

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