Taking a break… Please fix the game

stellaris 7 - Taking a break... Please fix the game

Man I'm so bummed by 2.2. As of writing I have 544 hours on Stellaris and I just really can't say I enjoy the new patch overall. There are some clever improvements to the game and economic system and if the game weren't held back by preventable and predictable issues I think 2.2 would be a home-run. In 2.2 there are more paths to get rich and its much, MUCH easier to get way ahead on the tech tree but the overall seemingly unoptimized game engine that causes my gaming rig to chug and the seemingly ever-additional bugs are making the enjoyment and feeling of progression in the game impossible to find. Overall, the midgame is now a more tedious and boring portion of the game and because around this time the game is slowing down my machine it makes it take forever. The new economy requires uninteresting but required micro-management to the point where I really don't feel like you can both optimize your economy while fighting a big war; you will have to choose to let your eco slide or make slower progress on your war front (or spend much of the late game paused).

Here's a list of bugs new bugs or gameplay frustrations I've experienced in my 5 play throughs since 2.2 (skipping all the bugs I've previously run in to).

  • No midgame or endgame crisis triggered in my last play through
  • On a primitive world I was Indoctrinating I got an alert every 2 weeks that I had shifted their ethics. "They will thank us some day" If I hear it again I might throw a monitor!
  • The game now gets unbearably slow both in terms of what happens to my computer and the progression of meaningful events.
  • Micromanagement of planets in the mid-late game is too tedious and micro intensive.
  • The difficulty in the game is non-existant. (In my last play through in year 2579 I have more than double the next empire's score and all empires are "Pathetic" in comparison on Admiral which isn't normally how well I'd be doing)
  • The AI sector doesn't help anything – Sector AI is just as micro-intensive as managing the planets directly but they make worse decisions.
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Overall this feels like bad faith by Paradox. This product isn't ready for market and those of us to adopted it right away will have paid full price while the devs fix the numerous issues. Inevitably this expansion will go on sale like all the others and the people who buy it then will be getting a better value and better product. Paradox, this is a ridiculous way to treat your loyal payer base and you should have known better.

I'm taking a break. Will check back here to see if the threads slowly show improvement in the game. Will not be buying any additional content until I'm sure the community feels good about where the game is at.

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