Tech needs a re work.

stellaris 5 - Tech needs a re work.

In the current build of the game being a technology focused empire does very little in terms of combat and game play.

Usually i play as either an isolationist machine empire (because apparently machines and humans cant co exist?) or an empire that focuses heavily on technology. in short i like to play tall/ medium empires. But despite this i always find myself being on Parr or even beaten by that pesky fanatic spiritualist going around on crusades every couple years when it comes to tech.

I understand that empires need to be balanced however it seems like the smart guys of the galaxy are being sidelined for the more 40k/general militarist/xenophobe builds. It does look like this will be remedied somewhat with federations by letting the Technocracies find safety in numbers but that relies heavily on the RNG gods deciding not to fill the map with empires of opposite ethics or exterminators of some variety and so isnt a very effective means of playing tall.

Possible solutions-
So how would I solve this problem as I see the comments inevitably demanding?

1 – First i would Up the overall number of techs that can be researched, too many times i have gotten deep into repeatables by the time end game approaches, and on some occasions even shortly after mid games events like the grate kahn.

Having more tech to research such as more efficient buildings or a couple not so mega structures (like habitats) focused on economy or military (such as a solar array to provide a decent amount of energy or a warp disruptor which gives a chance for enemy ships to take damage or be destroyed when entering a system) would allow for tech empires to make their planets even more powerful to keep pace with the virus like growth of their adversaries .


2 – different levels of research investment

This one is quite simple, each empire depending on their ethics can invest different amounts into their research facilities, e.g fanatic materialist can invest huge amounts of their energy production into science with a modest boost and happiness buff to scientists, while fanatic spiritualists are limited to very low/ suppressed funding because of their faith decreasing their research progress with other ethics having a range of low-standard-high

A system such as this would allow for an empire to be much more dynamic in how they progress allowing a militarist empire whos always at war to save some money in R&D and redirect those funds to making a new fleet

3 – Ethic/civic/trait restricted research

We already see a small amount of this in game with psionics being limited spiritualists and lots more of the tech tree being redone for gestalts so by letting fanatic versions of each ethic gain a unique tech that cant be acquired by other empires (e.g a spinal mount on cruisers or a new weapon all together for militarists or a mega research complex for materialists or perhaps empires with the mechanist civic can gain access to drone ships which are cheaper but weaker since their operated by AI not organics).


I know some of these ideas/ explanations are pretty weak but my point remains, I think the game favours only a handful of game play styles.
I dont post very often so please tell me if i made any mistakes.
what do you guys think of the points I raised?
Got any other solutions?

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