TFW Modern Tactics don’t work so you resort to WWI strategy

stellaris 4 - TFW Modern Tactics don't work so you resort to WWI strategy

Marked Spoiler cause War in Heaven

So I was fighting in a War in Heaven as the leader of the League of Non-Aligned Powers and I was in a difficult situation, Xenophobe and Spiritualist FEs now had deathstacks of around 4 200k fleets, and the largest fleet I could field was 50k. But we did not give up, for the longest time these deathstacks were content to roam around the galaxy and pick on the weaker races while I devised a plan. Using my fleets jump drives, I jumped straight into their territory and took out as many of their outposts as I could. Eventually they returned, and I had to jump back, but I played this Cat and Mouse game for months until…The Army was ready. I would pause the game and make sure every planet in my empire was producing GeneWarriors, using this strategy and combining the resulting Armies together I could pump out 3k's worth of Ground Forces in a relatively short time. Whenever their fleets where away, I would jump in all my fleets, clear the way, and send in the Army.

But once we took a planet, we would have to hold it, as it would be too easy for the enemy to retake it. I did lose 2 3k stacks of armies in the begining, one to an enemy fleet and one to their reinvasion forces. But this just meant more bodies were necessary. I tooled my entire economy for war, and made sure every 2 months or so I could pump out a 3k Army, and placed generals in every single stack. Once I had enough forces, and once the enemy was not in their territory, I made the greates invasion ever. I sent all of my 5 40k fleets to jump in and take everything, and my armies were invading planets left and right. I took Core and Boundy with 7k, deal with that ya mushrooms(Xenophobic FE race were mushroom people). It got kinda hairy as their fleets returned, but I sent my poor fleet to distract them long enough for the rest of my armies to slip by and take their remaining planets. With all of their planets gone, their fleet evaporated.


I jumped out of my chair in victory, as the LNAP bows to no shrooms. The Ghost of Field Marshal Haig must have been in approval, for I got even more armies, and did the same thing to the Spirituallists in the other end of the galaxy, slowly attritioning their planets and even their fleets at this point to take them down.

Notable Highlights.

At the end of the war I had around 12k of armies, comprised of Gene Warriors and Clones. I dismissed all of the Clones and about half of the GeneWarriors so my economy could recover.

I had a Slug Admiral Named Malgrub who was behind enemy lines for years with a 12k fleet, somehow, despite doing ultiple desperate attacks against stations and even getting caught by the deathstacks, managed to survive. When his lone battleship, the remains of his fleet, was returning home, he got caught by the Spiritualist FE, but even though hopelessly outnumbered he still survived, Malgrub just wants to go home, dammit!

Since I had to have a fleet deal with the Fallen Empires' vassals I needed an Army as well, I ended up sending the clones to that Army and named the fleet Clown Car

I caugh both of the enemies' Colossi undefended and destroyed them.

I liberated the Former territory of the CoM, with an Alien General

It was one of the most intense wars I was ever a part of, I'm not sure if the difficulty was due to the new war AI, or if the fact that this dumb strategy worked because of it, but I still had fun.

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