The AI in stellaris is just atrocious and a serious look into it.

stellaris 2 - The AI in stellaris is just atrocious and a serious look into it.

Ever since 2.0, something started going terribly wrong with the AI in stellaris.

It has became worse in pretty much everything…from economy management, plantery building, ship and fleet building and general decision – making.

For me, this has got to the point that in EVERY game I start the same scenario repeats itself (this is on max difficulty and max aggression with max everything else i missed), and this has becomes twice as pathetic now in 2.2.

  1. Game starts, borders are formed, allies/rivals are made, anomalies are scanned/exploration is done.
  2. AI stops brain dead in its tracks, 30 year in, can't build any proper fleets let alone customize its ships to be even relevant in space combat, planets are poorly managed and the AI falls behind very fast compared to the player.
  3. Since all of the AI empires are equally pathetic, wars are uncommon, even in high aggression and the results from them are barely noticeable at all. the galaxy turns stale before the mid game even starts.
  4. Me, the player, yawns at the screen, building stuff and counting years for some fallen empire to awaken or crisis to pop out before I exit the game, occasionally I wiped some empires here and there when I feel like expanding my borders, clear some leviathans.
  5. Crisis starts, if its on the other side of the galaxy, by the time I get there I usually get bored out and stop playing, if its somewhere nearby then the game turns to be interesting for some time.
  6. Crisis ends, player economy, military and power gap is 40x times than the AI empires..
  7. Exit to main menu > start new game.

Give you an example of my current devouring swarm play through in 2.2.

By year 2303, half the galaxy formed against me, nobody bothers to declare war.

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70 years earlier I wiped out a neighboring empire with a 5k fleet.


Since then, nothing interesting happened in the galaxy, no wars, no interaction except endless defense treaties.

BY 2303, FINALLY, I get declared by a federation……10 min later, i see a "Red aircraft" symbol approaching my border and my eyes grow wider…the federation fleet comes at my first space port and…..

Its 7k combined fleet, composed of destroyers and corvettes ARMED TO THE TEETH WITH AS MANY POINT DEFENSE AND FLAK AS THE AI COULD MUSTER.

That, EPIC federation fleet got wiped by my 5k total power space port + domesticated space squid I parked there 50 years earlier.

This, combined with the god awful micromanagement introduced in 2.2 by, essentially, removing sector functions from the game (and the camera stutter…) , forced me to just say "Fu*k that", exit the game, write a negative review and post this wall.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all in for those kinds of re-works, and I believe they were necessary and I gladly learn new mechanics and all…but stuff like that just sucks any enjoyment from the game for me.

I play Stellaris since 1.3 and this is the first time that I just can't get myself to play anymore.

I remember in 1.9, as a fanatic purifier-type empire i was fighting for my bloody life 20 years into the game.

AI empires were freaking relentless at trying to wipe me off the face of the galaxy and action and tension were inevitable every time the 10-year war pause ended.

Where has it gone now? what happened? why is the AI so incompetent now?

Giving the AI a 1000x economy boost and adding 10 more difficulty levels is not the solution to the problem.

The AI sucks, and needs to be re-worked because this doesn't feel like a strategy game anymore, but a city builder in space.

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