The complexity is amazing

stellaris 5 - The complexity is amazing

Got a map with 12 empires plus 3 fallen empires and the complexity that's possible is amazing! Every time I turn around I discover some new little quark or nuance. Like desiring to have the same rivals as those whom you want to form alliances with. It can get quite interesting with all the externalities and computations going on underneath.

Like I had been in briefly in a Federation of 4 empires. I was trying to woo a 5th empire into joining but best I could do was get them association status (early game they had been at war with the Federation's founding empire and still, after a hundred years still had not been forgiven).

Another federation member proposed we allow a empire from clear across the other side of the map into the federation but they were the only one who had dealings with them so got voted down, twice.

Our nearest neighbor one of our members decided to rival, just out of the blue, no reason. Bam, the Federation broke up. And when that happened alot of other empires not directly tied to us switched out who they were friends with and who they were rivals with…like a dominoes effect.

I haven't figured out the formula beneath it all but I see an interesting pattern.


I did a test simulation on how best to maximize my economy. I would change one or two variables, let it run for a year, then stop and take measurements. Just for the simulation purpose only, I then went back to save point, year 2340, change a different variable, repeat.

I found that in every simulation where I had left my Trade Policy as Wealth Accumulation oddly the Meerish empire (whom I had previously been rivals to but currently had no dealings with) would declaire war against their neighbor.

But, in every simulation where I changed my Trade to Society Distribution, the Meerish empire would not declare war! And in the simulation where I both changed my Trade and turned my Outpost sector into a tribute, in that test the Meerish went the utter opposite and sought defense agreements.

Who would have known?!

Meerish was friendly towards an empire that had become estranged against an empire that had hostile claims on an empire that had asked to be my vassal for protection, and possibly through this or another chain of externalities, my actions determined Meerish's self preservation strategy.

Just a quark. I think not. The empires are connected diplomaticaly and economicaly. Not just to me, but to each other as well.

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