The Dawn of Humanity (Part 2)

stellaris 2 - The Dawn of Humanity (Part 2)

2203 ACE:

• *A few days after the start of the new year the Science Vessel UNS Zephyr has discovered something extraordinary on the cold and lifeless surface of Procyon III, what seemingly appear as artifacts of a long dead interstellar empire. Researchers from all over Earth have been working tirelessly to translate the ancient texts and shift through this scientific treasure trove in order to uncover the secrets of these mysterious aliens. From observations thus far we have discovered that the aliens seemed to be an alliance or confederation of sorts that consisted of many different species. From exploration of the planet surface and orbital surveying scientists have been able to uncover a name, "The First League", and from subsequent surveys we have managed to piece together through historical texts that they co-existed in peace about 2 million years ago and the Procyon system seemed to be in the core territories of "The First League's" vast interstellar empire, that from these findings, suggest its borders covered a sizeable amount of space in our galaxy. What happened that caused their dissapearance is currently unknown and many theories have sprung up suggesting what happened but none have been confirmed. This discovery has sent shockwaves in the entirety of Human Space and feeling of excitement and dread are shared by all humans on Earth and the extraterrestrial territories. A lot of people are excited and curious about these fascinating extinct creatures while others are becoming worried and dont want to imagine what terrible tragedy might have befallen the aliens and if it could happen to them to. Of course the answer to all these questions can only be found through further observations and research. It seems that intelligent life or its remnants are becoming more and more prevalent in the galaxy and nobody knows what the future entails.

• A second Great Green Jewel has been discovered in the Procyon system, an immense tropical oasis about 1.6 times Earth's Mass supporting huge jungles and forests with a moon like that of Earth. The people have began calling it, though not officially recognized but quite loved by the masses and researchers alike, the Emerald Oasis.

• On the fourth day of May a breakthrough in the medical field has been made in Genome Mapping and DNA Sequencing which has opened new doors for medical treatments and therapies and has made headway life extension research and possibly a cure for aging.

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• New advances have been made in the field of Nanomechanics which in turns allows easier access and exploitation of resources in a nanometric scale.

• Construction on a vast mining operation has been finished on Earth in South-Eastern Asia

• A Global Population Census has been taken which shows the population of Earth at the highest it has ever been since the early 22nd century, a staggering 9 billion people, finally after countless decades the Earths population is rising again.

• *As it has been, although completely coincidental, tradition a new habitable world has been discovered in the Ladellikon system, Ladellikon II, and this planet is nothing like Humanity has seen before. A hypothetical perfect world about 1.2 times the mass of the Earth, a verdant garden, a virtual paradise suitable for all known forms of life, a Gaia Class Planet. The people of Earth are extatic and resources previously meant for the Alpha Centauri system have been diverted for colony ships for Ladellikon II or what Humanity has come to call it "Elysium".


2204 ACE:

• *A large amount of space debris of alien design have been discovered in orbit around the massive planet of Ladellikon IV, the debris field is currently too dense and thus poses a significant danger to the crew of the UNS Zephyr and so the serveying of its debris has been postponed.

• New advances in Solar Panel energy production have been made allowing for higher solar energy conversion and higher effeciencies but in exchange these Solar Panel Networks are quite bulky and can take up a whole module of a spaceport.

• Construction on the Solar Panel Network on the International Spaceport above earth has been started and is expected to finish in 6 months time.

• A promising candidate for a vast mining operation has been discovered on the Kajam System, a metal rich moon orbiting the Gas Giant Kajam II. Further research indicates vast deposits of precious metals on the moon's surface. A mining network has been planned.

• Construction has began on two Helium-3 gas mining platforms, one above Barnard's Star and the other above the Gas Giant BaSt III

2205 ACE:

• The Solar Panel Network on the International Spaceport has been completed.

• *Construction of the Elysium Colony Ship has started. The estimated construction time is about a year. People all across Earth and the extraterrestrial territories have been stumbling over eachother on the way to the ExtraSolar Colonization offices just to get a chance to be the firsts to step foot and make their home on another habitable planet other than Earth. Such excitement for colonization hasnt been seen since the late 21st and early 22nd colonization frenzy for Mars.

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• The first close-up survey of a black hole, the Demon's Maw, has been made by the UNS Rememberance and has given further insight about what make black holes tick.

• An atmospheric anomaly has been found on the Gas Giant Nolyon II, further research is warranted. After further research the UNS Zephyr could not find what caused the unusual patterns on Nolyon II and have marked them as a fluke, the crew are frustrated with the whole ordeal.

• The construction of the Barnard's Star orbiting Helium-3 extraction platform has finally been completed after budget overruns and a slightly embarrassing hypercruise miscalculation that left The UNS Engineer construction ship in orbit around the Demon's Maw. The first five years of human expansion, albeit slow have been fruitfull, many great discoveries have been made, advances in all fields of research, the uncovering of artifacts belonging to an ancient interstellar empire and many more. The future of Humanity is optimistic and prosperous. What follows next though will kickstart it all, what follows next is Humanity's Expansion.

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