The Dawn of Humanity

stellaris 5 - The Dawn of Humanity

In this i will be documenting my Stellaris Humanity playthrough in a kind of a historical manner, i hope you enjoy.

After constant advances in all fields of research, especially in power generation, like high energy capacitors, and offworld construction, and in the construction off deep space outposts and numerous space ports dotted all around the solar system, humanity is finally ready to reach for the stars.

2200 ACE:

• * Invention of the hyperdrive.

• Earth has stagnated to 8 billion population but with the rapid outward expansion this figure is steadily rising

• * First successful hyperdrive jump (2 months after its invention) from the military vesell UNS Gladius to Barnard's Star and subsequenty, the UNS Taciturn to the Alpha Centauri System and the UNS Kite to a previously undocumented Black Hole scientists have began calling Demon's Maw.

• The UNS Navy vessels have returned from the first extrasolar expedition.

• Europa and Triton have been approved as candidates for geoengineering research.

• Construction of a mining operation has begun on Pallas in the asteroid belt

• An anomaly has been discovered in the atmosphere of Uranus, an unusual storm has caught the attention of many researchers, further investigation is warranted.

• * Ancient signs of life have been discovered on Mars.

2201 ACE:

• * With the discovery of ancient life signs on Mars and the extensive probing and surveying of both above and under the ground, Mars has now been classified as a potential terraforming candidate further along the line.

• Construction on the Pallas outpost has been completed.

• A Helium-3 Gas Mining operation is under construction on Saturn

• * Life signs have been confirmed on Titan, on the surface mainly comprised of simple ammonia-based organisms living in and out of Titan's hydrocarbon Lakes and in a massive underground ocean spanning much of the moon's underground topography where possibly complex multicellular water based organisms may lie, further research is needed and a permenant research base has been proposed.

• News of living things outside of earth have rekindled hope in humanity that it is not alone in this great expanse.

• * With the deduction that life is not a phenomenon exclusive to Earth, the Habitable Worlds Survey Project has been given the green light and preperations are being made to survey potentially habitable worlds outside of the Solar System in search of alien life and eventually a second home for humanity among the stars.

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• * After fully surveying the Solar System the UNS Rememberence is off to survey distant star systems in a journey that rivals that of Colombus centuries before. Lucia Giordano, the Head Researcher of the UNS Rememberence has said her goodbyes and has been sent of with a grand ceremony a few days before the start of the New Year. For the future of Humanity.


2202 ACE:

• * Two worlds suitable for human settlement have been confirmed in the Alpha Centauri System, Alpha Centauri I, a planet of about 1.3 Earth masses, a beautiful blue marble with vast continents like the ones on Earth full of huge swaths of forests, tall craggy mountains, large deserts, lush jungles and 2 sizeable polar ice caps. The second is a small waterworld about the size of mars with small islands few and far between. The citizens of Earth are ecstatic and governmental and private entities have jumped on the opportunity of being the firsts to transport colonists to these worlds, A new era for Humanity has truly begun.

• Construction on the permanent base on Titan has begun and is ecpected to finish in a years time.

• * The Discovery Initiative has begun, the only way to satisfy our otherworldy curiosity is promised to help scientific research on a scale never seen before.

• The research Vessel UNS Zephyr has been constructed to aid in the exploration and survey of extrasolar systems.

• * A vessel of alien design has been discovered orbiting Alpha Centauri II. The vessel appears to be a few thousand years old and seems to have relied on solar propulsion with the use of its enormous Solar Sail, the sail has been raptured by tens of meteorite impacts and the vessel is now adrift in the empty expanse of space. Albeit primitive compared to our vessels this discovery has dispelled most doubts about humans being alone in the galaxy. Even though it does not confirm intelligent life currently inhabiting the galaxy, it has been met with exitement and worry by scientists and the public at large.

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• A few days before Christmas a gigantic habitable Super-Earth was discovered in the Zanbor System by the UNS Rememberance, the planet officially known as Zanbor II but unoficially refered to from the general public as The Great Green Jewel possibly owing to the fact that it is covered in kilometers upon kilometers of jungle making the Amazon look puny in comparrison, has been the spotlight of various media outlets on Earth and has been marked as a target for future colonizers.

• The past two years have been favourable for Humanity, making great discoveries and huge strides in every field of research, the population rebounding and finally after decades climbing again, and the undoubtable proof that life exists out in the far reaches of space, be it simple without complexion, be it complex and otherworly or be it intelligent and sapient, Humanity will find them and we will finally not be alone. This is the Dawn Of Humanity.

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