The dawn of the Izirian Regime

stellaris 5 - The dawn of the Izirian Regime

(Just prefacing this with the fact that it isn't technically an AAR because I'm only at year 2235, but some interesting things have happened. As I advance I'll edit this to be up to date, and when I'm really done I'll post it as a single story.) The Izarians are a distinct species, since their start they had an almost global rule, which eventually expanded to become an actual global rule. Putting their faith in one great leader, their technology quickly advanced to the point of hyperspace travel. An unfortunate situation developed quickly, though. The hyperspace lanes traveling through the stars connected to make a small peninsula, which we quickly expanded throughout. The problem was, the Xu'Lokako Consciousness owned the only connections to the rest of space. Though they were an odd foreign species, our leaders knew that good relationship and open borders would be our only way to expand. We met a few other empires, the Buvhondon Corporation, militarists who believe in this thing called "equal rights for people." Though that was a point of contention, we quickly sent envoys to gain an ally that we could actually trade and migrate with. We met others that we didn't need diplomacy with, though. Even though we agreed with their ideals, the Mireesh empire hated our great leader. The Buvhondons were a rival of the Rutharian empire, and so the enemy of my friend is my enemy. And now the stage has been set. We have most likely found nowhere near all the empires in the galaxy, but major development has occured. Several alloy purchases have allowed our navy to increase 10 times its size at the start of the purchases, and technology has advanced greatly. Our proudest achievement though, has been the colony of Stratal. The only access point to the southern part of the galaxy, Stratal is already an incredibly important system, but there are more reasons for why the colony is important is its region and territory. The system of Stratal had an inactive gateway and a wormhole, and the neighboring system of Xarmaton has 3 incredibly habitable planets, along with a nebula and exotic gasses. The only problem with the colony, though, is its distance. It's positioned 9 systems away from the nearest core system, and takes almost 2 years for ships to pass between the capitol and colony. We have therefore elected to build shipyards and defence systems, to allow for defense of the colony and maintenance of the fleet during a war. The date is 2235/1/1, and the future of the Izirian Regime looks bright.


Thanks for reading to the end, if you have suggestions on how to make this AAR better, please tell me. Bye

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