The Devouring Swarm Experience in 2.2

stellaris 3 - The Devouring Swarm Experience in 2.2

I gave a devouring hivemind a try. I'm pleased to say, the experience of playing such a civ is now greater than ever and the mechanics of eating pops have been significantly improved.

Now, instead of having to wait 10 years until the pops you're eating magically disappear, they die sequentially – one by one, and at a much accelerated rate. This means that a even a hasty reconquest of a planet you took will leave the population dented by your teeth.

Moreover, whenever you conquer a planet, some population manages to escape and lands on the remaining planets of the empire you're fighting, sometimes even sparking an internal refugee crisis!


On top of that, if you take a heavily populated planet, you'll be instantly gifted a few pops of your species there, which will be very useful for manning the soldier and hunter-killer jobs provided by the special decision – which you'll be taking, since a large population being exterminated will resist you, spawning criminal jobs, lowering stability, and possibly even revolting outright.

In the chaos of consuming a heavily populated world, sometimes even your own drones will lose connection to the hivemind and give you events in which they randomly stampede around the planet in confusion, producing significant amounts of devastation.

I'm honestly blown away by how much has the genocide experience improved in 2.2. It feels far more flavorful now, with the population escaping off the worlds you take and actively resisting you on the ground. Fantastic update, 10/10, will kill billions again.

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