The duality of RNG

stellaris 3 - The duality of RNG

Just a slight description of how a game I’m going is working so far.

Finally getting the chance to play with a buddy of mine. He’s new to the game, I’m helping him out as much as I can.

As a megacorp, I managed to make some early friends with envoys. One of which decided to join a federation where the leader wasn’t a big fan of me (religious one versus my fanatic materialist). This was very concerning, as my other ally/business partner was wanting to join that same federation.

Using a fun exploit someone on here told me about, I managed to tear their federation apart by getting association status from the guy that liked me and repeatedly asked to join the federation, which caused a split vote and increasing negative tensions and federation disunity until the whole thing fell apart. After that I started my own federation, which is now about a third of the galaxy.

The guys I didn’t like made their own federation, and included the megacorp right beside me into it. I have no clue how, and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it, but 60 years into the game one of them managed to get a Fallen Empire to declare war on them, who effectively obliterated most of their forces in a year or two. I honestly have no clue how they did that. Currently I have 8 or so branch offices and a steadily powerful federation. I will eventually boot out one of the members though, as they’re another megacorp and I don’t like competition for branch offices.


As for my buddy, he has maybe 9 systems, and the three habitable planets you get guaranteed. As he’s new he doesn’t know how to work them properly, but he also has no strategic resources.

Thing is, he’s locked behind one of the Marauder empires, who other than the Fallen Empires are the strongest players out there.

It’s been 80 in game years and he’s still stuck, crippled in that way. I hired some mercenaries to try and clear a way out, but directly outside of that is the megacorporation that only joined my federation because I didn’t see the vote for them to join appear.

Other than some of the posts I’ve seen here where people get their home system stuck behind a Dimensional Horror, I haven’t seen RNG that bad. He’s effectively been forced into mid/late game micromanaging and boredom because he was denied exploration, all as a military focused empire too.

TL;DR I’m having one of my best games ever with a federation I have exclusive business deals with whose main rival got a Fallen Empire to declare war on them while in the middle of a war, while my buddy’s been stuck in the same 9-10 systems behind Marauders for the entire game with no strategic resources. He’s only aware of what the galaxy looks like outside because I got good enough sensors to pick him up.

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