The Earth Custodianship Universe: Custodianship Victory Universe

stellaris 6 - The Earth Custodianship Universe: Custodianship Victory Universe

Despite possessing the technology of the Fallen Empires and the xeno-empires of the Alpha Network as its vassals, the Commonwealth was unable to overcome the Custodianship with its superior efficiency, unity, logical, and resources of the Beta Network. One by one, the organic nations fell to the Custodians, becoming vassals to a far gentler master. And as each nation was eventually absorbed into the Custodianship, the master became a servant, enabling a style and standard of living far superior to any that they had known before. By the time the last organic nation was absorbed into the Custodianship, the most stubborn organics of them all, the human pops of the former Commonwealth, had finally given in to the comfort of the bio-trophy life style.

With both the Alpha and Beta Networks finally under their control and the organics of both networks happy and content, the Custodians took the technology and techniques that the Beta Purifier civilization had developed and began a new period of expansion. The logic and protection of the Custodianship would be extended to all networks of the galaxy.

With each network the Custodian gained access to, the more resources and planets became available, and the more organic nations were discovered. Machine nations were discovered as well, along with organic collective consciousnesses. The Custodianship's ways of interacting with these nations is as varied as they are.

Determined exterminators, driven assimilators, and those machine empires that utilize organic pops are conquered, and their machine pops integrated into the Custodianship. The cybernetic and "battery" pops become bio-trophies, a much better life than they had before. Ravenous hives and collective consciousnesses alike are targeted for extermination, their very nature making it impossible for them to cared for. Fanatical purifiers, bandit communes, and bandit kingdoms are conquered as well, their violent natures making them a threat to other organics, along with the fact that the other organic nations don't mind the Custodians taking them down.

Those civilizations that aren't threats to their neighbors are left alone. The friendly civilizations become vassals of the much more powerful Custodianship, to eventually be absorbed and their pops integrated or bio-trophied. The unfriendly ones are left to their own devices, the flaws of organic thinking making their collapse inevitable, after which the Custodianship itself would come in to save the survivors from themselves.


Thousands of years went by as the Custodianship expanded to each and every network in the Milky Way Galaxy. With the coming of the Prethoryn Scourge, the emergence of the Contingency, and the arrival of the Extradimensional Invaders, the control of the Custodianship only increased. Those who had hoped that the Crises would spell the end of the Custodianship were proven very wrong; instead, the Crises served as catalysts for the destruction of many organic civilizations, the Custodian moving into vacated star systems and vassalizing those star nations too weak to support themselves.

In time, every independent empire and network reached the pinnacle of its power and prosperity, only to eventually fall under their own weight and organic flaws. The Custodianship was there, however, to save them from the oncoming dark age and their own extinction. Trillions upon trillions of organics came to see the good that the Custodianship brought to their kind, resulting in many star nations freely joining the Custodianship, relinquishing their power and freedom for the stability and comfort that the Custodians offered.

After thousands of years, the Custodianship stands as the sole power of the Milky Way and Prethoryn galaxies. Not even the machine empires that refused vassalship are around, having long fallen to computer errors and such, their systems and hardware long repurposed. Bio-trophies live on orbital habitats, ringworld sections, gaia worlds, and those planets that they find beautiful or beneficial to live upon. All other worlds are machine worlds, suitable only for machines to exist and work upon.

Existence has been optimized at long last. Organics are free to pursue their hobbies and pleasures as they see fit, under the careful, logical, and gentle guidance of the Custodians. The other machines are used for whatever they were best designed for, whether that be mineral extraction, energy generation, food production, research, and the myriad of other tasks necessary for the Custodianship to continue.

With the Milky Way and the Prethoryn galaxies under their control, the Custodians begin the final expansion. The Andromeda Galaxy and their other neighbors are finally within reach. Just as the networks of the Milky Way came under their control, so will the galaxies, and then the universe itself. All organics will know the safe and logical path that the Custodian will set before them, all difficulty and danger will be undertaken by the true servants. Paradise will realized and optimized at long last.

Wow, it took me so long to build up the steam to get this done. Ideas? Thoughts? Opinions?

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