The First and final Galactic War. Prelude.

stellaris 5 - The First and final Galactic War. Prelude.

On December 25th, 2677, A day remembered throughout the United Earth Coalition for selflessness and pleasantries, Humanity was approached by the Trei’Est Purifiers. Their message was simply. “Bow or die.” It was well known that the Trei’Est had advanced technology, dwarthing that of even the decrepit Empires of Old.

If Humanity refused to bow down to them and become their slaves. They would all die, every man, woman, child, every sentient rock. All of them. They knew that even if they submitted they would die eventually. Or at least their empires would.

Back in the 2530’s humanity begun Project Zeta-Blue, a contingency plan created with the intent being that if there was any threat to galactic life, it will flourish once again. In Humanity’s largest fear of engineering they built a large Alderson Disk housing every species in the galaxy. It was constructed in an extra galactic cluster known as the L-Cluster which was once home to powerful spacefaring creatures, the project would take decades to build, even with humanity’s economic prowess.


Add on top of that the ever growing tensions between the System’s Alliance -of which UEC was the president of- and The Federated Civilised World. The two Federations has been rivals since the very day they were formed,the Bothrian Citizen Union and the now Xenophilic Commonwealth of Man had fought the Ubaric Entity many times. Both being assisted by The System’s Alliance who then welcomed them into the federation years later. The Bhir Trade Commerce has also taken shots at the UEC, whom they shared a border with. The Qvagh Citizen State was a turncloak of the System’s Alliance. Who broke all deals and shut borders with its member empires. Essentially the Galaxy was split right down the middle, with the System’s Alliance in the galactic West and the Federated Civilised Worlds in both the east and south. All came to a crashing head when the Qvagh Citizen State and the Bhir Trade Commerce joined the Federated Civilised Worlds.

The Systems Alliance combined Naval Strength was not even half of the FCW. The two Purity orders, were also massing their fleets on their borders, as were the now awakened empires of old, The galaxy held its breath, for those among the Scydalri Confederacy, they prayed for peace. For those in the COM and the UEC, they paraded their soldiers through the streets, showering then with flags and credits. The galaxy was now a ticking time bomb. And time was running out, it was just waiting for the next move.

And Humanity made it, deciding to respond the space Nazis, Knowing the risks but also the safety of this action. Humanity replied, not with a strongly worded email that would make the pacifists faint, not even a show of strength. Just a single button


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