The First War for the Core

stellaris 3 - The First War for the Core

They didn't bombard our planets. They didn't come to kill us, or to take what was already ours. They didn't want this war… but they were sure going to win it. It was not unexpected, perhaps, as their own people populated the planets they conquered; as former friends and allies dueled to the death in the squares and parks of Et Thal.


The Free Fleets were the aggressor. We'd discovered the Galactic Core first, and it was ours by birthright and claim; but the Jutema would not respect our claims. Their stations began to appear in Core space at the same time ours did. We could not allow this. Their fleet was weak, anemic pacifists and their emphasis on diplomacy and alliances had created strong senses of security and safety in their government. We thought they were fools, but their alliances, and our aggression would prove our downfall.

Within months of declaring war, the full force of three star-nations came barreling into Orosian space. Our main battlefleet had launched a blitz into Jutema territory, and swiftly conquered their homeworld, hoping to negotiate an early end to the war, but when our former allies and migratory partners switched sides and began conquering the systems their own people had colonized under our government; the Orosi people began to panic.


The loss of our frontier colonies would be crippling to the Orosi economy; and so a second battlefleet was created from the piracy patrols and Warp lane guardian fleets; but that fleet was dwarfed by the allied armada. Defeat, despite the strategic victories of our core fleet, and the total destruction of the Jutema navy; seemed eminent.


Still, the fleets arrayed against us would not be able to break into our core worlds, and the Galactic Core was under our hegemony. So the senate debated, and debated, and our sailors and solders died. The admiral in command of the Core fleet, Orla-Thar was ordered to bombard the Jutema into submission, destroying their homeworld and bringing the war to an end by any means.


He refused to follow this order; saying that he would not destroy civilians when there were warriors to fight; and then he set sail for the allies of our enemy.

The Core fleet charged towards the numerically superior enemy, determined that the might and valor of Orosian arms would overcome the putrid and sickly warriors of the pacifists. They would never get the chance. Despite the confidence of Orla-Thar, the Senate was done with battle.


As the Orosian economy crumbled (due to the loss of the frontier colonies), the Egalitarian Bloc won a landslide victory, and voted with an overwhelming majority to end the war. Days before Orla-Thar reached the coalition fleet, the Free Fleets of Oros surrendered to the allied forces. A white peace was forged, and no systems exchanged hands… but the people of Oros would not forget this humiliation.

They would not forget this defeat; and in the shadows, the warriors of Oros prepared, forging the weapons of war that would redeem the men and women of the Free Fleets. In the shadows, Orla-Thar plotted to forge her legacy.

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