The galactic Cold War between the Tzin Empire and Space America

stellaris 2 - The galactic Cold War between the Tzin Empire and Space America

We all know the AI in this game dumb as a rock, but sometimes it does something so brilliant that you can’t help but stop and admire it, this is one of those cases.

First let’s meet the main players in this game:

The Tzin Empire: one of the pre-made empires in the game they are reptilian, slaving despots. For most of the game they maintained stable relations with most of their neighbours, they didn’t have any allies but no enemies as well, at any moment in time they ranked either 2nd or 3rd in terms of economy and anywhere between 1st and 4th in terms of fleet power, so they were no pushovers.

The Human Foundation: Another AI Empire, they are pacifist xenophiles but have kinda turned into space America, they have the strongest fleet in the game, been part of every single major battle in the game and have actually declared several ideology wars, bringing a dozen little one system nations under their yoke.

For most of the game the Foundation and the Tzin have maintained a Cold War of sorts, having a couple of small skirmishes here and there but but neither of them able to launch a full blown invasion over the other due to them being too equally matched. And when the Tzin started breeding and selling human slaves, the Galactic Republic (me) and the Foundation decided to use their power in the galactic community to impose sanctions and pass laws abolishing slavery, we managed to ban chattel slavery, but the Tzin simply switched to selling domestic servants and their economy was strong enough to take whatever minor sanctions we passed against them, this more or less continued all the way till the war in heavens happened.

The war in heavens was brutal, spreading to every corner of the galaxy and pushing a lot of empires to their breaking point, but eventually thanks to the efforts of the combined fleets of the Foundation, the Tzin and the Galactic Republic (me), we managed to beat back the menace, with the Republic and Foundation doing most of the heavy lifting due to us neighbouring the FEs, the Tzin mostly patrolled our territory running defence for all of us and used their endless pool of slave soldiers to (ironically) help us liberate any planet taken by the FEs.

The war ended in our victory, the galactic republic absorbed the lands of the religious fanatic FE while the foundry absorbed the lands of the xenophile FEs, the Tzin got a thank you note and a pat on the back from the galactic community and that’s.


Now that he largest menace in the galaxy has been beaten, the Foundation turned its gaze back towards the Tzin empire, determined to bring democracy to its citizens at all costs, however the war has left us all militarily and economically exhausted, so military action was out of the question.

Instead the Foundation (who already had utopian abundance), used its position as a galactic council member to force the senate to vote on the “greater than ourselves” resolution banning slavery and making the “utopian abundance” standard of living mandatory across the galaxy.

The Tzin has been kicked off the galactic council a few years earlier, replaced by the “Synthoid Servitors”, so they couldn’t Vito the measure, and while a lot of nation in the galaxy were voting against it, we had over 80k diplo weight between the foundation, the servitors, myself and our vassals, so we could basically force whatever resolution we wanted inspite of what the rest of the galaxy wanted, and of course we all voted in favour of the resolution.

The abolition of slavery in addition to the heavy sanctions against them destroyed Tzin economy more or less over night and all of a sudden the empire was thrown into chaos. Disgruntled citizens and freed slaves started to rise up across the empire, the central government was unable to react in time and one by one the Tzin’s colonies started to rebel and secede, creating a dozen tiny star nations hostile to the Tzin and each other, most of those small nations ended up either as protectorates of or directly absorbed by the Human Foundation.

Now the Tzin empire is a paper tiger, a mere shadow of what it once was. They still field an respectable fleet compared to their economy, they make a few threats and some noise here and there from time to time and every once in a while they’d try to retake some of their lost territories, but they are forced to live in the shadow of the Human Foundation and it’s “Galactic Defence League” (a federation including the foundation, the republic and the servitors).

Recently however we’ve been getting unsettling reports that the Tzin have finished building their first colossus and are halfway through building a Dyson sphere, so who knows, maybe the Foundation will decide its time to pull an “Enduring Freedom” and bring Democracy to the Tzin once and for all.

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