The Galactic Zar’Saq Empire

stellaris 6 - The Galactic Zar'Saq Empire

The story is based off of a play through I just recently did, sorry if the story isn't perfect this is my first time writing anything.

 They were lucky enough to establish early contact with their neighbors who, like them, were ready to explore the galaxy around them. Through careful manipulation and plotting the United Zar'Saq Bloc was formed, an alliance that looked more like an all powerful state with lesser satellite ones. The Zar'Saq people were humaniods with tentacles on the back of their heads with an extremely materialist and militaristic society ruled by an enlightened monarchy. The monarchy did its best to respect those it found under its rule though, sneering at those who wouldn't accept others or wanted to purge and enslave other sentients. Their goal was to use the traits and empire to take their rightful place as rulers of the galaxy. Expansion was swift with little to no diversions or other nations to hinder them. The Interstellar Kazam Fire Tribes, a nation of humanoid foxes were never allowed to grow, being trapped in between the Zar'Saqs and the Combine of Siyieuzno a race of sentient plants. The Alliance of Igra was the first nation discovered outside of the alliance, a nation of brutal slavers who sought to enslave those around them. Borders were slammed shut and contact was minimal with their brutal backwards society. Their nation would be one of the first to fall in order to bring about their rule and fix their backwards way of life. Plans were made to expand the borders to that of the Alliance of Igra and establish huge defence stations for the planned wars to liberate their people of their corrupt government and vassalize them. A new empire was discovered near their two borders though, one much more powerful and sinister then ever thought possible by the top military officials in The Empire. The Sojagg Reclaimers were thousands of years older then the current generation of empires, and their technology and military was there to show for it. They occupied a meager 5 systems after having fallen into decrepency having defeated everyone who posed a threat to them, they were alone in the galaxy untill we came along. The science ship that was accidentlet sent into their space was destroyed as their first and final warning to stay away from them. Other empires become more and more common as they expanded from their spot near the southern part of the galactic core. They were forced to hug they edge of the galactic core and expand around it creating a long empire full of dozens of planets. They came across The Hadadeshi Stellar Commonality, a materialistic society ruled by an oligarchic form of government. They bordered the eastern side of The Empire preventing their expansion that way. Through careful maneuvering and the hard work of envoys they were peacefully brought into the folds of The United Zar'Saq Bloc. The nation to the north of them whos original name was lost to time after a series of wars and a new government being ushered in had become allied to The Alliance of Igra. The wars were quick and brutal, both sides losing dozens of ships but in the end The Autocrazy of Zorf was created and brought under control, leaving The Alliance of Igra to stand alone. In just a few short decades The United Zar'Saq Bloc had come to encompass 5 empires and occupied a 5th of the galaxy. Already they were on a path to galactic domination 

Im more then open to critique of the writing and I kinda want it in order to better convey my later galactic dominations. Sorry for the lack of detail in some parts, I played the early game a few weeks ago and dont remember everything


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