The game hates me

stellaris 1 - The game hates me

My story starts in the year ~2330. I have declared war on a rival faction for the first time, my first ever war in the game, and after careful consideration I choose to claim systems against the smelly M'tok sovereignty. My Xenophobe Militarist faction is hungry for war, and I'm hungry to explore my first wartime combat.

It goes well to start, the M'toks have randomly blobbed across the map after being closed in for most of the game & taken a few systems adjacent to my border. "Easy pickings" I think to myself, my economy is booming, faring much better than theirs, my fleet & tech is allegedly equal & they don't have much in terms of backup as they've only just captured these systems without any time to entrench themselves.

I declare war! My 8k Axis fleet darts across the galaxy & cuts down their 8 systems fairly easily, but reduces my fleet to ~6.7k in the process. No problem. I'll go back to my starbase just a couple systems away, repair & upgrade.

At this point I had no knowledge of wormholes, what they are & what they do. Turns out the first system (1 jump) across my border has one such wormhole. I disregarded it (or, more accurately, did not acknowledge its existence). Que a backup M'tok force of ~9.7k force to come ruin my day. Not a quarter through my upgrades, my fleet about-turns to face the enemy & jumps across my border to meet them.

My fleet arrives. A brief fight ensues. No good. They are simply too strong. I reduce their numbers drastically, but they totally eliminate my fleet. My other fleets are at least 15 jumps away, my other main force guarding the major M'tok border around 30 jumps away.

OK. No worries. I can't be bothered with this. I will load an earlier save and prepare better for the wormhole invasion! Ha!


Que a few hours of TOTALLY MAKING SURE THE ENEMY WILL BE OBLITERATED! I know their moves. I have prepared 3 shipyards at the border Starbase to shit out navy units to cement my place. I research a couple of recommended fleet options & adjust accordingly. During my preparations, I'm notified the Fiiral Horde has mobilised to shit on everyone. No problem – they are far East of my position, jammed between my war rivals the M'tok Sovereignty and a fallen empire. I am now in an even better position as the M'tok Sovereignty is fighting a war on two fronts.

Que date 2331.05.05. I have my 11.3k fleet awaiting the ~9k fleet they sent through previously. I'm paying attention to some other notification on-screen when the "Hostile Fleets Present" notification pops up.

"This is my moment".

As I jump to the Delcor system in excitement, my 11.3k strong fleet ready to take on the smelly M'tok fleet, I focus on the wormhole and.. poo my pants.

To my utter astonishment, the Fiiral Horde has sent a 26.6k fleet through the wormhole.


I zoom into their location. Behind them, a 31.1k fleet follows..

I stare at my pc for a minute, contemplating what's just happened. I am utterly devastated, my hard-on for war has reduced to a miniscule, quivering worm. I shall now retreat, likely get my arse handed to me and… reload an earlier save. Honestly though – I don't know what I can do about this.

TL;DR – New player, started my first war with no idea what wormholes did. Enemy faction beat me- just. Reloaded an earlier save to prepare a larger force only to get completely shit on by another faction through the same wormhole.

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