The Great Khan’t

stellaris 2 - The Great Khan't

Story Time:

With the release of Le Guin and Megacorp I was hyped to play Multiplayer with 2 of my friends. A few days ago, we were finally able to start a medium game, one as a normal empire, the other friend as Life-Seeded and myself as Megacorp.
We made good headway into the Galaxy, discovering each other, discovering the AI Empires, everything was fine. Until the Great Khan attacked.

We fell into a panic. Playing on 2.2, we had no increased alloy production and were stuck on a plus of 20 alloys each, our fleets underdeveloped and little to no Bastions close to the Khan.
Luckily, we rallied, calmed down and used the time that was given to us by two buffer Empires, both would suffer horendously throughout the conflict. I built up a Bastion in the System where I knew the Khan would come sooner or later, buying up alloys on the market and continously hiring Mercs from the Marauders in the Galaxy. Meanwhile, my friends were tasked with holding their northern possessions and maybe save the AI federation member (Spoiler: the AI became a satrapy).

The war got into full swing, I used my fleets to sally out beyond the safety of my Bastion to destroy Horde stations and construction ships, until the Khan himself decided that he needed to break my Stronghold. He was severely outnumbered and outgunned but still went through with his attack. We got cheerful as we saw the health of his galleon tick down. Laughter as his ship blew up. Then, silence and disenchantment. The Khan survived, we had to keep fighting and living.


Contingency plans were made, my friends were ready to surrender, because it was at this time that one AI ceased to exist and the other one became the Khans satrapy. The breaking point was drawing closer, one friend being enraged that the Khan could just spawn fleets close to his systems (he didn't, those were just fleets that the Khan transitioned from my front).
Then, an event fired: the Khan is dead, assassinated by an unknown kill team. The suffering for us was over, at least momentarily.

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Now my friends have to rest and rebuild, one of them has to reorganize his economy, it lying in shambles after he charged headlong into the update without thinking much.

Nevertheless, this was one of the most enjoyable sessions I had in Stellaris. Before 2.2 we were strong fast, a Khan being no real obstacle when spawning in 2300. Now it felt like a desperate fight for survival, gambles being taken and lost. A Story worth telling.

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