The Greatest Evacuation

stellaris 2 - The Greatest Evacuation

So I was playing yesterday and managed to pull off the biggest evacuation of civilians in the history of all my playthroughs. I was playing a game with my fanatic egalitarian, multiracial, and multicultural empire when I got an event from a mod (I dont remember which), which made it so that random fleets of raiders of a genocidal empire called the Vazurans, would pop up every so often and wreck my stuff, when ever they would pop up my fleet could not compare to them, and I had to sit by and watch them torch my stuff…

that is, until they glassed my planet.

It seems like once they entered orbit of a planet, after a few days they would kill every single pop on it, I lost a few colonies like that, so I said to myself, enough is enough.

I built up my fleet, I set up gateways in intervals all across my empire and even had a 30k fleet of corvettes ready to respond and get to any crisis quickly while the rest of the fleet of battleships arrived. When I was invaded again by one of their 50 k fleets, I was ready, I tore through them and scored my first victory against them. It was hard, but I won.

Or so I thought…

Years later, the Vazurans came again, but this time, they came with a 100 k fleet. It seems like if you defeat one of their stacks they send a force to your homeworld to punish you. I couldn't do anything, my capital was about to be destroyed, and I didn't have the fleet to defend myself.


But then, I had an idea, I set my resettlement option to allowed and evacuated every single pop off my capital. All pops were spread amoungst the other planets of the Empire in what I can only imagine was the greatest evacuation since Dunkirk. I can see the entire empire comming together to take in the millions of citizens in their homes, sheltering them, showing their solidarity.

When the Vazurans finally came, there was no one to bomb, and they left.

Years would pass, and our fleet would grow. We would recolonize our home planet of Gemini again, rebuilding amidst the bomb craters and city ruins. Now, as we build up our fleet, and construct megastructures to support our cause, we are finally able to strike back.

Fielding the greatest Navy the galaxy has ever seen, we were finally able to research a project to find their homeworld, and attack it.

As of now we haven't completed the assault, as it is too well defended and I do not want to lose my all my fleets. But we know where they are now, and we will return, and when we come back, they will be payed back in full all the damage done, and all the lives lost. As I prepare my invasion, I will leave you with the words of an ancient Human Leader.

Long live the Sutharian Republic!

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