The immigration mechanic is not used even close to its full potential. Here’s why:

stellaris 7 - The immigration mechanic is not used even close to its full potential. Here's why:

I know a lot of people have wanted spy's or something like that and there is a mechanic that can provide that abd more with some tweaking. The immigration agreement. With immigration, your race/people is literally moving into enemy territory. That should mean something, since they can theoretically still be loyal to you. So imagine that just like war, you can set a subgoal with immigration besides just immigration. You can send spy's to get information, you can send priest or racist/no racist pops to increase a certain ethic in that empire, you can send just normal criminals (well not criminals you're just exporting, more people who like act like criminals over there, destabilizing stuff), smuggler/thief's to steal goods and send it to us over the border, or business spys (I forgot the name) to steal research, or war saboteurs that randomly turn the future battles in your favor when there is an eventual war with that empire. This of course needs to be balanced, first of all if you do this then you of course opens yourself to be infiltrated as well. Or when you send people that are let's say spiritualistic to another empire, you loose that amount in your own. Making spiritual etnich attraction go down. Or maybe there is something you can research or an edict that lets you easily decect infiltrators etc. This is great for role-playing as well, since you could basically be an empire no one pays attention to, but that is secretly manipulating many empires from the shadows. And you could have democracies a lot more easily infiltrated then let's say dictatorship empires with them more easily discovering and shutting down infiltrators. This also leta you influence your opinions on an empire nonviolently. You could even make them make new factions or support perticular factions already established in that specific empire, making them lose influence or even cause an revolution. Or maybe you could get one of your species elected chancellor in a neighboring moral democracy, making them more open to becoming tributes or vassalizes, or just make them use their diplomatic weight in your favor. Anyway my point is that the immigration system could be so much more and could be so very easily with some tweaking, it doesn't need to be a complex system, maybe just a percentage boost and then the infiltrators chance of being discovered changing based on some factors like maybe training camps, bribes, opinion, civics (infiltrator, manipulator etc) etc. You could maybe call this expansion something like "Behind enemy lines" or "Infiltration". Or maybe all of this is in the game already, I just haven't bought the dlc yet, lol. In that case I apologize.


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