The joy of managing a peaceful empire

stellaris 1 - The joy of managing a peaceful empire

I was thinking about it today, and I realized how much I enjoy the feeling of crafting a peaceful, stable society in this game. There are planets in my empire that have never been touched by war, famine, unrest, or any kind of strife for that matter. There are trillions who will never go hungry, who will have good jobs, and places to raise their families. They will never want for anything. They are also, for the most part, free to do as they wish. They are not slaves or serviles, and can even experience different societies and empires if they wish to leave. But if they do stay, they will have a benevolent, in this case corporate, state to shield them from all the malevolent entities that lurk in the cosmos, seeking to do them harm.


There was a machine uprising today that took down 4 planets before it could be pacified. None of those planets had ever experienced war of any kind, and it struck me how much of a disaster that would be in the real world, to have an entire planet upended like that. With the new pop rework comes a more realistic sense of scale, and I had never thought about my empires in these terms before, and I find that I really like it. I guess I'm not really sure why I'm making this post, other than just to lay this thought out and ask if anyone else has had similar feelings

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