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stellaris 3 - The Next DLC

What? Too early to be discussing the next DLC with Federations not even released yet? Please enter my goo machine, filthy xeno nom nom nom. Your nonsense is delicious! Let's begin.

The first DLC I think would be cool is a side by side with Federations. While Federations takes a glance at fixing, well, federations, it seems to offer less to play-styles who don't want anything to do with that hogwash. So the next DLC should feature Vassals and Empires. It should also dabble in adding stuff for isolationists and exterminators, but to a lesser extent since there probably isn't enough there for a full DLC for them. But the idea of expanding how vassals cooperate and interact with us would be a blessing. Giving them their own charm, agendas, rights, privies etc. A few ideas would be giving empires the ability to give their vassals rights to expand, and having vassals have goals within the empire. It would be neat to have the ability to grant citizenship status to vassal aliens through their unquestionable loyalty. It would also be neat if vassals had their own goals that they would beckon from their overlord. "M'Lord, that system over yonder would look so much prettier in my shade of green. Care to declare war on our behalf so we may have it?" "Aye, you've been good lads to the empire. TO WAR MINIONS!" Anyway… I think that'd be cool.


The second idea would be expanding on Federation's goal of expanding diplomacy and giving us a small bite of political intrigue. But what if that political intrigue wasn't foreign, but domestic? Adding a domestic policy DLC featuring internal politics based around different government types. Featuring leaders who have ideological preferences and balancing out hiring good trait leaders and loyal leaders who won't cause factional support for an ethic you're opposed to. Giving us a real observable difference in play-style between an empire and a monarchy. Giving more clarity to the importance of faction unity, and frankly giving us a damn reason to ever glimpse at the faction tab! Be honest, half of you are like me and forget it even exists, only to look at it and see ridiculously silly reasons for why they are unhappy, or happy with you.

I think the Stellaris team at Paradox shouldn't stop their "complex" DLCs with Federations. On the contrary I hope they continue to provide us with great meaningful content that fleshes out the dynamics of our empires.

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    Felipe Bueno Aliski Alves
    Mar 18, 2020 8:51 pm

    well…unfortunetly vassals will never have a rework, it was good in the past but’s completely useless..that’s kinda disapointing since i love to play as an a galactic empire and have a bunch of ai vassals all working for me when i sit in one planet, doing absolutely no expasion, just playing tall when my vassals play wide.

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