The next story pack should add more mid game content

stellaris 7 - The next story pack should add more mid game content

I'm taking a step back from the current conversations about all of the technical issues with 2.2 to discuss the next story pack, which will most likely release alongside the next major patch if the current pattern of Stellaris DLC releases continues.

Since release, one of the most common complaints about Stellaris is that the mid game isn't as fun as the early game exploration phase. Although patches and expansions have improved the mid and late game, I think most players would agree that early game exploration remains the most fun part of any Stellaris playthrough. Part of the reason for this is that anomalies and research projects add a great deal of flavor and life to the galaxy, which goes away once there aren't any more systems to scan. Sure, fighting leviathans and exploring the L-cluster bring back some of this flavor, but you won't have the fleet power to do those things until long after the exploration phase has ended.


There remains a major content gap between the end of the early game and the beginning of the late game, and I'd like to see the next story pack add more narrative event chains which take place after most of the galaxy has been claimed and your empire is more developed. Some examples could include a potentially troublesome prophet converting many of your pops to spiritualist, colonists from another galaxy wanting to join your empire, or one of your scientists stumbling across ancient alien ruins on one of your planets. These types of events do exist, but there aren't nearly enough of them to keep the player engaged during the mid game.

*edited to provide examples of the kind of content I had in mind.

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